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  1. feelings
    Women motivated to seek treatment for concerns about sexual ___
  2. performance
    Men typically motivated to seek treatment for problems with sexual ___
  3. situational
    Some secondary sexual disorders (not lifelong) are ___
  4. SSRIs
    ___ may be effective in treating premature ejaculation
  5. Sensate - Focus
    a form of sex therapy that involves graduated touching exercises.
  6. - Lack of interest in sex

    - Inability to experience orgasm

    - Problems with physiological arousal

    - Pain during sex
    The leading sexual problems for women are ___
  7. - Premature ejaculation

    - anxiety about performance

    - a lack of interest in sex
    The leading sexual problems for men are ___
  8. Stop - Start

    Sensate - Focus
    Premature ejaculation can be treated with sex therapy, using the ___ procedure or the ___ technique
  9. - Neurological damage

    - Use of anti-hypertensive drugs

    - Tranquilizers

    - Antidepressants

    - A life event (i.e. heart attack, relationship crisis)
    Delayed or absent ejaculation can be caused by ___
  10. dyspareunia
    painful coitus (aka: ___) is uncommon in men - only about 3% - but common among young women.
  11. ED - Erectile Dysfunction (aka: Impotence)
    recurrent inability to achieve an adequate penile erection or to maintain it through the course of the desired sexual behavior
  12. organic / psychological
    Great majority of cases of ED are ___ in nature; although ___ factors may play a role
  13. Primary Disorder
    a disorder that has always existed (is not preceded by any period of healthy function
  14. Secondary Disorder
    a disorder that follows some period of healthy function (it has NOT always existed)
  15. Situational Disorder
    a disorder that appears only in certain circumstances
  16. smoking



    medical conditions






    cardiovascular disease

    The major contributing factors of ED
  17. Viagra
    ___ works by increasing responsiveness of the erectile tissue to nitric oxide.
  18. Prostaglandin E1
    a hormone that is injected into the penis to produce an erection
  19. erectile tissue / penile nerves
    Prostaglandin E1 is for men with functional ___ but the ___ are damaged
  20. penis / urethra
    Prostaglandin E1 can be injected into the ___ or the ___, but it's costly and inconvenient
  21. erectile tissue
    a Vacuum Constriction system creates a partial vacuum around the penis, thus drawing blood into the ___
  22. - vaginal lubrication

    - engorgement of vaginal walls

    - clitoral erection
    • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is the failure of early processes of arousal, i.e.
    • -
    • -
    • -
  23. Eros Clitoral Therapy Device
    The FDA has approved a device, the ___, to increase sexual function for women.
  24. Vaginismus
    Vaginal spasms (aka ___) is a nonorganic cause of female sexual arousal disorder and may make intercourse impossible.

    May be a defense mechanism - anticipation of pain?

    Also considered to be psychological
  25. 10-15%
    ___-___% of women have never experienced orgasm
  26. 2/3
    ___/___ of women don't experience orgasm regularly during coitus
  27. organic
    No ___ causes have been found for why difficulty in reaching orgasm is so common among women
  28. Hypersexuality
    excessive sexual behavior that results from a medical or organic cause

    - considered pathological
  29. Compulsive Sexual Behavior

    Obsessive-Compulsive Sexual Disorder
    Sexologists commonly refer to sex addiction as ____ or ___
  30. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)
    ___ are most commonly used as treatment for sex addiction
  31. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
    a lack of interest in sex

    - not considered an issue unless it causes distress or interferes with one's sexual relationships
  32. 1/3 and 1/6
    ___/___ of women and ___/___ of men ages 18-59 years of age report a lack of interest in sex
  33. testosterone
    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in men can be treated with ___
  34. - estrogen/androgen

    - sex
    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in women can be treated with ___/___ treatment and ___ therapy, which may restore sexual desire in women
  35. 1/22
    ___/___ Americans in the early 20th Century had STDs
  36. syphilis
    The history of AIDs had mimicked that of ___, in that people infected with this STD were discriminated against
  37. 19 million
    ___ million new STD infections occur in the USA each year
  38. 25
    50% of all sexually active Americans acquire an STD by age ___
  39. Pubic Lice ("crabs")
    insects in pubic hair that gorge on human blood
  40. nits
    Pubic Lice lay eggs (___) and glue them onto hairs near their base
  41. itching / damage
    The "disease" part of pubic lice is the ___ caused by the insects and ___ caused by scratching

    Treated with OTC insecticidal lotions/shampoos
  42. Scabies
    infestation with mites that burrow beneath the skin

    - caused by female mites that digs tunnels in skin and lay eggs every few days
  43. 2

    The female mites that cause scabies hide in their tunnels for about ___ months, laying eggs every few days that hatch after about ___-___ days. The "babies" return to the surface, mate, and burrow into the skin to repeat the cycle.
  44. permethrin lotion
    Scabies infestation causes severe itching that can be treated with topical application of ___.
  45. spirochete
    Syphilis is caused by infection with ___, spread by contact, nearly always sexually.
  46. Painless sore / Spirochetes




    Factors of Syphilis

    ___ sore that exudes a fluid loaded with ___.

    These penetrate the skin and multiply, producing a ___ in the newly infected person.

    Symptoms are sometimes ___, making it difficult to diagnose

    Left untreated, Syphilis progresses and eventually causes ___ 

    Syphilis can be cured with ___
  47. a chancre
    Primary Syphilis is the first stage of syphilis and marked by the occurrence of ____
  48. a painless rash and fever
    Secondary Syphilis is the second stage of syphilis and is marked by ___
  49. multiple organ damage: the heart, CNS, and skeleton are affected
    Tertiary syphilis is the third stage of syphilis and is marked by ___

    one is no longer considered a host (unless pregnant)

    rare (only about 15%) among people who go untreated
  50. bacterium

    Gonorrhea ("clap"/"drip") is cause by infection with a ___

    Symptoms appear within ___-___ days
  51. cervix
    The initial site of infection of Gonorrhea in women is ___
  52. Gonorrhea
    consists of a yellow or bloody discharge from the vagina or discharge of a thick pus from the urethra (in men)
  53. virus-like

    genital contact
    Chlamydia is caused by a ___ bacterium and is spread by
  54. infertility

    Infection in the reproductive tract can cause ___.

    Chlamydia infects the ___
  55. Chlamydia
    Symptoms of ___ include a watery discharge and a pain during urination
  56. azithromycin
    Chlamydia can be cured with ___
  57. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
    an infection of the female reproductive tract, often caused by sexually transmitted organisms
  58. bacterial vaginosis
    a condition in which the normal microorganisms of the vagina are replaced by other species
  59. rises
    When a woman is infected with bacterial vaginosis, the pH of the vaginal secretions ___ (becoming less acidic i.e. more basic)
  60. lower

    5 min.
    Urethritis is a bacterial infection of the ___ urinary tract .  .  . can be caused by a variety of organisms

    urinating within  ___ minutes after sex can prevent it.
  61. Herpes Simplex 1 (HSV-1)
    oral herpes in the form of fever blisters or cold sores on the lips or inside the mouth
  62. Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2)
    associated more commonly with genital herpes
  63. Acyclovir
    ___ in topical ointment or oral tablets can shorten the outbreak period
  64. Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
    causes genital warts, which are the principle cause of cervical cancer
  65. 50-70%


    6 and 11/16 and 18
    ___-___% of sexually active men and women acquire HPV

    ___ are a host

    Genital warts are most frequently caused by HPV types ___ and ___.  The more dangerous of the types (those that cause cervical cancer) are ___ and ___
  66. - liquid nitrogen

    - podophyllin
    Warts can be removed by surgery, freezing with ___, or the application of ___
  67. Gardasil
    vaccine for HPV type 6, 11,16 and 18
  68. DNA/ no specific / vaccine

    jaundice, fever, and swelling of the liver

    Hepatitis B is a small ___ virus.  There is ___ treatment; but there is a ___

    Symptoms include ___

    ___% of people have chronic Hepatitis B
  69. AIDs

    bodily fluids
    ___ is caused by human immunodeficiency virus which exists in the ___ of an infected person
  70. STDs
    ___ not transmissible between humans and animals
  71. retrovirus
    HIV is considered a ___, because once inside the host cell it is transcribed from RNA into DNA
  72. blood cells and lymph nodes

    CD4 Lymphocytes
    HIV attacks the ___ and ___.  Its main targets are the ___, the type of white blood cell that make up an important part of the immune system.
  73. HIV antibodies

    During the initial part of HIV infection, there are no symptoms, and the infected person has not produced significant levels of antibodies to the virus.

    Because the usual HIV test that detects the presence of ___ will give a negative reading during the initial stage, the initially infected person is considered ___
  74. 7-25k

    A healthy person has ___ CD4 lymphocytes /microliter.

    A person considered to have AIDs has less than ___ CD4 lymphocytes/microliter
  75. attachment


    Antiretroviral Drugs

    Entry Inhibitors prevent ___ of the virus to the host cell's outer ___ and thus its passage into the ___
  76. copying
    Antiretroviral Drugs

    Reverse Transcriptase inhibitors block the ___ of the viral RNA into DNA
  77. insertion

    Antiretroviral Drugs

    Integrase Inhibitors block the ___ of the DNA (transcribed from RNA) into the host cell's own  ___
  78. cutting

    viral proteins

    Antiretroviral Drugs

    Protease Inhibitors block the ___ of newly synthesized ___ into the shorter lengths that are required for ___
  79. seroconversion
    the change from negative to positive on an antibody test, such as occurs 6 weeks - 6 months after HIV infection
  80. Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART)
    "drug cocktails" - main reason why death rates due to HIV/AIDs have been reduced
  81. disease complications

    viral replication cycle

    combination therapy
    HIV therapies are directed at ___ and the ___

    Treatment involves ___ therapy (HAART)
  82. Pearly Penile Papules
    little bumps around the head of the penis are natural and harmless growths
  83. blocked mucus gland
    A round swelling on the labia is more likely to be caused by a ___ than any kind of STD
  84. 16-19
    Women greatly outnumber men as the victims of rape -

    most victims are between the ages of ___-___
  85. declining
    The number of reported rapes are ___ in numbers
  86. 20-25%
    College women have increased from ___% to ___% chance of experiencing completed or attempted rape
  87. 20%
    ___% of college rapes involve additional injuries
  88. cold-to-hot empathy gap
    as people become aroused they become more strongly motivated to consummate their desire and pay less attention to moral issues such as consideration for the interests of a partner
  89. on campuses
    The cold-to-hot empathy gap may contribute to date rape  ___(where?)
  90. alcohol
    The number one date rape drug
  91. 2/3
    ___/___ of college women who experience sexual assault report that the perpetrator was drinking at the time of the attack
  92. get medical attention
    The first step to getting help (after a sexual attack) is to ___
  93. Exposure Therapy
    a form of psychotherapy for victims of rape or abuse in which they are encouraged to recall the traumatic event in a safe enviroment
  94. Rape Shield Laws

    Laws that protect rape victims, for example, by limiting the introduction of evidence about their prior sexual behavior

    Began in ___
  95. 50%
    ___% of all men arrested for rape are convicted
  96. evolutionary adaptation

    social influences
    Theories as to why men rape women include ___ and ___.
  97. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    ___ programs in a group setting seem to reduce recidivism, but the effect is small - only about 6%
  98. adolescents who are beginning to date
    Rape prevention programs are geared towards ___.

    Lasting effects have not been observed.
  99. Sexual Harassment
    unwanted sexual behavior in the workplace or in other structured environments
  100. quid pro quo harassment
    unwelcome sexual advances accompanied by promises or threats
  101. hostile-environment harassment
    sexual harassment involving a pattern of conduct that creates an intimidating work environment
  102. childhood

    The experience of sexual harassment begins in ___ and accelerates at
  103. 1980

    illegal sex discrimination
    In ____, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) declared that sexual harassment constitutes ___
  104. Intimate Partner Stalking
    stalking of a current or former spouse or other intimate partner
  105. Delusional Stalking
    stalking by an unrealistic belief that the victim is in love with, or could be persuaded to fall in love with, the stalker
  106. Grudge Stalking
    the stalker pursues the victim to seek revenge for some actual or imaginary injury - usually nonsexual
  107. erotomania
    The delusional belief that a sexually desired but unattainable person is actually in love with oneself
  108. delusional
    ___ stalkers are often socially inept persons with few intimate relationships, or they be mentally ill
  109. Grudge
    ___ stalking is not usually sexual and commonly targets co-workers, employers, administrators, etc...
  110. 4

    An estimated ___ in 1000 women and ___ in 1000 men are affected by intimate partner violence
  111. Tension - Building

    Violent Phase

    Reconciliation Phase
    Three phase cycle of intimate partner violence
  112. sexual jealousy

    evolutionary inheritance
    Evolutionary psychologists see ___ as the main motivator of intimate partner violence

    - They also suggest that the desire to assert control is part of a man's ___
  113. perpetrators

    Feminist theory asserts that boys are socialized to be ___, and women are socialized to be ___.
  114. The cycle of violence theory
    theory stating that men batter their wives because they saw their fathers batter their mothers
  115. social isolation

    economic dependence

    lack of self-esteem

    religion - divorce/separation is a sin

    fear that children will suffer
    Victims often stay with their partners because of
  116. Hustler
    a male prostitute
  117. Sex Worker
    anyone who engages in prostitution, pornography, or other sex-related occupation
  118. Protestant Reformation
    ___ tried to eradicate prostitution because of STDs
  119. gonorrhea

    Epidemics of ___ during ___ drove prostitution underground
  120. 1960s

    oral contraception

    sexual morality

    The sexual revolution in ___, development of ___, and a change in ___ resulted in increased willingness of unmarried women to engage in sex - which led to a ___ in prostitution.
  121. streetwalkers
    lowest-ranking and lowest paid prostitute
  122. escort services
    the main form of prostitution in the United States
  123. 1973

    In ___, Margo St. James founded COYOTE

    The present goal is the ___ of prostitution
  124. decriminalization
    the elimination of laws that outlaw something
  125. International Labor Organization
    ___ supports decriminalization of prostitution
  126. Coalition Against Trafficking in Women
    ____ supports worldwide criminalization of everyone connected with prostitution - but not the prostitutes themselves
  127. Prostitution by minors (12-18)

    Involuntary Prostitution

    Transnational Trafficking of Prostitutes
    Three aspects of worldwide prostitution that are of particular concern
  128. Pornography
    people or behaviors that are intended to be sexually arousing
  129. Erotica
    "sexual" works that are considered to have literary or artistic merit
  130. Sexually Explicit Material
    all inclusive term for arousing material
  131. Miller v. California


    first amendment

    In ___, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of ___ v. ___

    - No broad, ___ protection for pornography, and ___ may restrict pornographic work under certain conditions
  132. 1950s
    Glossy magazines became available in the ___
  133. 1953
    Hugh Hefner founded Playboy in ___
  134. 1960s
    Since the ___, new technologies have resulted in new kinds of pornography
  135. minors
    Only pornography involving ___ is illegal and actively supressed
  136. Japan
    ___ is the world leader in the production of underage pornography
  137. Entry Inhibitors
    ___ inhibitors prevent the attachment of the virus to the host cell's outer membrane and thus its passage into the cell
  138. Reverse Transcriptase
    ___ inhibitors block the copying of the viral RNA into DNA
  139. Integrase
    ___ inhibitors block the insertion of the DNA (transcribed from viral RNA) into the host cell's own genome
  140. Protease
    ___ inhibitors block the cutting of newly synthesized viral proteins into the shorter lengths that are required for function
  141. - does not eradicate virus from the body

    - resistance to multiple drugs can develop

    - usefulness limited due to side effects
    Current antiretroviral therapy has several shortcomings:

    • -
    • -
    • -
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