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Zangfu pathologies of Heart
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  1. Hr qi deficiency
    palpitations, pale complexion, sob on exertion, listlessness, worse with exertion, chest distress, spontaneous sweat, fatigue, slight depression

    • T: pale large/normal
    • P: Weak, deficient
  2. Hr yin deficiency
    palpitations, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, easily startled, mental restlessness, uneasiness, fidgety, dry mouth & throat, night sweat, 5 centre heat, feeling of heat in evening, hot & bothered, malar flush

    • T: Red, redder tip, no coat
    • P: thready + rapid
  3. Hr yang deficiency
    Hr qi def symptoms, slightly dark lips, intolerance to cold, cold hands & limbs, pale & lustreless complexion.

    • T: pale/purple, slightly wet
    • P: deep, weak, knotted
  4. Hr blood defienciency
    palpitations, pale or sallow complexion, vertigo, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, poor memory, anxiety, easily startled, dull pale complexion, pale lips

    • T: pale, thin, slightly dry
    • P: weak & choppy, thready
  5. Hr Yang collapse
    Severe Hr pain (stabbing), feeble & shallow breathing, profuse cold sweat, cyanosis, palpitations, SOB, cold limbs, greyish-whitish complexion, confused/coma

    • T: very pale, bluish purple, short
    • P: hidden, minute, knotted
  6. Hr qi stagnation
    palpitations, chest oppression or distention, depression, lump in throat, slight sob, sighing, poor appetite, weak & cold limbs, slightly purple lips, pale complexion

    • T: slightly pale/purple on sides
    • P: empty, can be overflowing front left position
  7. Hr blood stasis
    cardiac pain, severe palpitation, chest oppresion / constriction, stabbing or pricking chest pain, pain may radiate to shoulder or along Hr meridian to hand, pain is paroxysmal & aggravated by physical exertion, in serious case pain unstable & coma + expiring pulse

    • T: dark purple/ecchymosis
    • P: choppy, wiry, knotted, intermittent
  8. Hr fire flaming up
    palpitations, flushed face, mouth & tongue ulcers, hot sensation in chest, thirst, turbid urine, pain during urination, bitter taste, mania, restless, delirium, insomnia, disturbed sleep, spitting blood, nasal bleeding, hematuria

    • T: red swollen tip w/ red points (midline crack), yellow coat
    • P: full, rapid, overflowing, can be fast
  9. Hr phlegm fire
    palpitations, thirst, flushed face, bitter taste, chest oppression/fullness, mental restlessness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, delirium, slurred speech, wheezing in throat, coarse breath, yellow thick sputum, changeable emotions, strange behaviour, vexation, mania & aimless wandering, violent, nonsense talk, irregular laugh/cry

    • T: red, yellow, greasy, sticky coat, hr crack
    • P: rapid, overflowing, slippery
  10. Phlegm misting the mind
    wheezing in throat, sputum w/ chest distress, vomiting of phlegm, nausea, stupor/coma, sudden syncope w/ saliva & convulsion, mental confusion, unconsciousness, lethargic stupor, incoherent speech, slurred speech, aphasia, rattling in throat, mental depression, apathy, dementia, soliliquay, abnormal behaviour, very dull eyes

    • T: swollen (stiff), thick stick white greasy coat
    • P: slippery, wiry