Operant Conditioning (Module 22)

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  1. Basic idea
    Organism learns associations between its behavior and resulting events
  2. Acquisition
    Strengthening of a reinforced response
  3. Extinction
    Elimination of a response that is no longer reinforced
  4. Spontaneous Recovery
    Reappearance, after a rest period, of an extinguished response.
  5. Generalization
    Organisms response to stimuli that signal a behavior will be reinforced
  6. Discrimination
    Organism's response to a stimuli that does not signal behavior will be reinforced
  7. Associative Learning
    Learning that certain events occur together
  8. Operant Conditioning
    Learning where behavior is in strengthened or weakened by a reinforcer or a punisher
  9. respondent behavior
    behavior occurring as an automatic response to a stimulus.
  10. Operant behavior
    behavior that operates on the environment, causing consequences
  11. law of effect
    rewarded behavior is likely to occur
  12. Operant Chamber
    "Skinner Box" containing a bar or key that an animal can manipulate to obtain a reinforcer.
  13. Learning
    relatively permanent change in behavior due to experiences
  14. Shaping
    guiding behavior towards closer and closer approximations of desired behavior.
  15. primary reinforcer
    innately reinforcing stimulus
  16. conditioned reinforcer
    a reinforcer that gains power through being connected to a primary reinforcer
  17. continuous reinforcer
    reinforcing behavior every time it occurs
  18. Partial Reinforcement
    Only reinforcing a behavior sometimes.
  19. Fixed Ratio Schedules
    Reinforce behavior every set number of responses.
  20. Variable ratio
    provides reinforcers after an unpredictable number of responses.
  21. Fixed Interval schedules
    reinforced after a certain time period.
  22. Variable interval schedules
    Reinforce the first respond after varying time intervals
  23. Cognitive Map
    mental representation of the maze
  24. Latent Learning
    learning that occurs but isn't apparent until there is an incentive to demonstrate it.
  25. intrinsic motivation
    desire to perform desired behavior for a for its own sake
  26. extrinsic motivation
    behaving in certain ways to gain rewards or avoid punishment
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