35. Language of discussion

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  1. used to say that sg must be done, however difficult it is
    • at all costs
    • at any cost/price
  2. Pretend to disagree with sb in order to start an argument or discussion
    Play devil's advocate
  3. Interrupt sb
    Butt in
  4. Discuss sg in an indirect way, without saying what you really want to say
    Beat about the bush
  5. Stop talking about unimportant details and say what is most important
    Get to the point
  6. Not understand the main thing that sb is trying to say
    Miss the point
  7. Win an argument by making the last statement or final decision on sg
    Have the last/final word (on sg)
  8. You do sg because you enjoy it, not because you want achieve anything else
    For the sake of it
  9. Admit that you are wrong or have lost an argument
    Back down (on sg)
  10. A state of existence that some people believe continues after death
    Life after death
  11. An unwelcome thing that we have to accept
    A necessary evil
  12. Used to say you think sb has earned the bad things that happen to them
    You get what you deserve
  13. Bad or unfair methods of doing sg are acceptable if the result of the action is good or positive
    The end justifies the means
  14. Be actively involved in sg
    Play a part in sg
  15. Used to describe carefully chosen or behaviour that won't upset or offend anybody
    • Politically correct(ness)
    • PC
  16. Say or do sg which is considered too extreme
    Go too far
  17. Start behaving in an unacceptable way that shocks or upsets people
    Go off the rails
  18. Start to deal with a difficult task, problem, or situation
    Get to grips with sg
  19. You can't make people change their methods and ideas when they have used or held them for a long time
    You can't teach an old dog new tricks
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