37. Meetings

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  1. a situation in which people have similar ideas and opinions
    a meeting of minds
  2. understand or regard  sb/sg in a particular way
    make sg of sb/sg
  3. deal with a situation by reacting as thing happen, rather than having a plan.
    play it by ear
  4. (right) from the beginning
    (right) from the word go
  5. if you welcome or greet sb..., you welcome them in a very affectionate and enthusiastic way
    with open arms
  6. (feel) comfortable and relaxed
    (feel) at home
  7. (of two or more people) think in a similar way about sg.
    be on the same wavelenght
  8. used to say you felt very nervous or frightened about sg
    my heart was in my mouth
  9. be impressed by or interested in sg
    be struck by sb/sg
  10. 'at the beginning' but it can also be used to emphasize a list of points to support an argument
    • to start/begin with
    • for a start
  11. gradually and in small amounts or numbers
    in dribs and drabs
  12. make or produce sg in a hurry
    throw sg together
  13. officially state rules, principles, etc. that people must obey or follow
    lay sg down
  14. speak during a discussion, especially for a long time so that nobody else can speak
    hold the floor
  15. speak about sg for a long time in a boring or confusing way
    ramble on
  16. continue for longer than planned
    run over
  17. do sg without thinking carefully about it first
    rush into sg
  18. fail to make a definite decision or statement about sg
    leave sg hanging
  19. make strong and steady progress with sg
    forge ahead (with sg)
  20. resulting in harm or damage to sg/sb
    to the detriment of sg/sb
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