39. Emphasis

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  1. (used with comparative and superlative adjectives or adverbs) by a large
    • by far
    • far and away
  2. used for emphasizing how long sg cotinues
    for hours/days/weeks on end
  3. completely
    well and truly
  4. used to emphasize an opinion
    without (a) doubt
  5. suddenly, without warning or explanation
    just like that
  6. in addition to the things already mentioned
    into the bargain
  7. (used before adjectives/adverbs) very; really
    • ever such (a)
    • ever so
  8. used to say that sb or sg is not ordinary, but is especially good or important
    not just any
  9. used to emphasize the fact that sg is not surprising
    no wonder
  10. already (used to express concern that an amount or number will increase further)
    as it is
  11. much better than the rest
    • streets ahead of
    • head and shoulders above sb
  12. does no work at all
    doesn't do a stroke of work
  13. like each other very much
    get on like a house on fire
  14. was so surprised or shocked that I didn't know what to say
    was lost for words
  15. sg happened which caused people to get angry and start fighting and arguing
    all hell broke loose
  16. was determined to keep away from him completely
    avoided him like the plague
  17. was extremely surprised
    couldn't believe my ears
  18. extremely angry
    • up in arms about
    • up in arms over sg
  19. make the greatest effort possible
    pull out all the stops
  20. would do anything
    would give my right arm to
  21. was extremely angry with me and told me off severely (it could also mean to punish sb severely)
    came down on me like a ton of bricks
  22. this is used to emphasize a statement or opinion
    • doesn't half
    • not half
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