40. Honesty

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  1. very frightened
    • scared to death
    • scare sb to death
    • the life/the living daylights out of sb
  2. be careful not to do or say anything that my upset sb
    spare sb's feelings
  3. avoid telling sb sg
    keep sg from sb
  4. talk about sg that is intended to be secret
    let on (to sb/about sg)
  5. be regarded by others as stupid or wrong as a result of sg you have said or done
    lose face
  6. you avoid being regarded as stupid or wrong
    save face
  7. accept and deal with sg that is difficult or unpleasant
    face up to sg
  8. become known to people
    come to light
  9. have red cheeks because you are embarrassed
    go (as) red as a beetroot
  10. reveal sg that is intended to be a secret (often by accident)
    give the game away
  11. these phrasal verbs refer to action taken to hide the truth about sg bad, illegal, embarrassing etc.
    • cover up
    • cover-up
    • hush-it-up
  12. feel guilty because of sg you did or didn't do
    have sg on your conscience
  13. accept sg unpleasant that you cannot change
    live with sg
  14. on the subject of sg
    when it comes to (doing) sg
  15. ignore sg or avoid saying sg, or treat it as unimportant
    gloss over sg
  16. a story that is completely untrue
    a pack of lies
  17. trick sb by giving them the wrong information
    pull the wool over sb's eyes
  18. realize that sb is not telling the truth, or that sg is not true; understand the truth about a situation
    see through sb/sg
  19. I'm not stupid enough to believe what you say
    • I wasn't born yesterday
    • pull the other one
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