41. Competition

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  1. establish a standard or rate that others have to try to achieve
    set the pace
  2. establish a standard or rate that others have to try to achieve
    set the pace
  3. make strong and steady progress with sg
    forge ahead (with sg)
  4. make a careless mistake
    • slip up
    • slip-up
  5. it means they are very good and it will be hard for sb else to do better
    • take some beating
    • be hard to beat
  6. gradually get closer to people you are competing with
    • gain ground (on sb)
    • catch up (with sb)
  7. keep a plan or idea secret until you need it
    keep/have sg your sleeve
  8. become more exciting or show an increase in activity
    hot up
  9. give a slight advantage to sb
    tip the balance (in sb's favour)
  10. be more successful than the others
    come out on top
  11. there was a racehorse that  nobody knew anything about. Now it refers to a person who other people know very little about, especially one who might achieve sg that you don't expect
    a dark horse
  12. two horses that are next to each other. Two people or two teams can be too so.
    neck and neck
  13. if the result of sg is ..., it is uncertain
    in the balance
  14. make the maximum possible effort
    give it your all
  15. a situation is this, that thing is the most important factor
    come down to sg/sb
  16. sg that happens which you have wanted for a long time
    a dream come true
  17. try as hard as you possibly can in doing sg
    give sg your best shot
  18. succeed in doing sg that is difficult
    pull sg off
  19. suffer as a result of bad luck, a mistake, or sg you have done
    pay the price for (doing) sg
  20. not take any big risks
    play (it) safe
  21. thing about a past event
    look back (on sg)
  22. it is a situation in which success or failure is equally possible
    a close thing
  23. It is when you just manage to avoid a dangerous situation or accident
    a close shave/call
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