42. Humour

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  1. tell sb sg which is not true, as a joke
    • pull sb's leg
    • have sb on
  2. tell sb sg which is not true, as a joke
    • pull sb's leg
    • have sb on
  3. a trick which is intended to surprise sb or make them look silly, often involving physical actions
    • a practical joke
    • you play a practical joke on sb
  4. if you say it, you are not being serious and mean it as a joke
    tongue in cheek
  5. laugh loudly and for a long time
    • laugh your head off
    • be in stitches
  6. find sg very funny and amusing
    have a good laugh (about sg)
  7. if a joke like this, no one laughs at it
    fall flat
  8. the situation has become annoying or worrying
    be/get/go beyond a joke
  9. sg which is too serious to make jokes about
    no laughing matter
  10. With this you mean it is probably stolen
    has fallen off the back of a lorry
  11. used when you think sb is being too confident about sg that is going to happen or that they are going to do
    famous last words
  12. used to say that sb is stupid
    • the lights are on but no one's
    • nobody's home
  13. I'm afraid to think about that question as the answer might be too terrible or unpleasant
    I dread to think
  14. used to say that you don't know or understand why sb has done sg
    for reasons best known to himself/herself
  15. sleep that you need in order to feel healthy and look attractive
    beauty sleep
  16. very hard to understand
    (as) clear as mud
  17. an action or situation that will bring bad luck or spoil an activity
    the kiss of death
  18. a need to go to the toilet
    (a/the) call of nature
  19. used to say that sb's ideas are not realistic or practical
    • what planet is he/she on?
    • sb is (living) on another planet
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