45. Problems

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  1. consider everything that could happen in a situation
    think sg through
  2. Consider everything that could happen in a situation
    Think ag through
  3. A lot of anger and worry about sg unimportant
    A storm in a teacup
  4. Be sensitive about or feel offended by sg, as a result of sg that happened in your past
    Have a chip on your shoulder
  5. Refuse to do sg or change your mind about sg
    • Dig your heels in
    • dig in your heels
  6. Have a very difficult task or job to do
    Have your work cut out
  7. Face a difficult situation in a very direct and confident way
    Take the bull by the horns
  8. Stay where you are, without taking any action
    Sit tight
  9. Make a mistake that many people make
    Fall into the trap (of doing sg)
  10. Take action as a result of a decision, advice, or information
    Act on/upon sg
  11. Deal with and solve the prolem
    tidy it
    Arrange it successfully
    • Sort out (the prolem)
    • Sort it out
  12. End a romantic relationship with sb
    Finish with sb
  13. Be very anxious (about sg)
    Be in a (terrible) state (about sg)
  14. Not want to eat, usually because you are ill or upset
    Be off your food
  15. Not the worst thing that could happen
    Not the end of the world
  16. Recover from sg such as a disappointment or illness
    Get over sg
  17. If sg difficult or unpleasant and you are thinking and worrying about it
    Hang over sb/sb's head
  18. The way you think or feel about sg at a particular time
    Frame of mind
  19. Used to introduce a fact that remains true when everything else has been considered
    At the end of the day
  20. Regain control of your feelings and behave calmly
    Pull yourself together
  21. Pass an exam, test, etc. without any difficulty
    Sail through sg
  22. A thing that is likely to cause sg bad to happen
    A recipe for disaster
  23. Is going to happen in the near future (as above)
    was mentioned or discussed 
    Was chosen
    • Is coming up
    • come up
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