46. Different attitudes

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  1. spend much of your time doing sg you love
    live and breathe sg
  2. Spend much of your time doing sg you love
    Live and breathe sg
  3. Be very happy and comfortable in a situation
    Be in your element
  4. Being to do sg with energy and enthusiasm
    Throw yourself into sg
  5. Learn a new skill quickly and easily
    Take to sg like a duck to water
  6. Used to say that it is impossible to prevent sb from doing sg
    There's no stopping sb
  7. Become so excited or involved in sg that you lose control of your feelings or actions
    Get carried away
  8. Happen to you or become available to you
    Come your way
  9. Decide that sg is a failure and not worth doing anything about
    Write sg off (as sg)
  10. The things happen the way you want them to
    Luck is in your side
  11. Don't waste time doing unimportant things
    Life's too short
  12. Even though sb has had a bad experience, the rest of life goes on unchanged
    Life goes on
  13. You have to accept disappointments as part of life
    That's life!
  14. Spend time thinking about sg difficult or unpleasant
    Dwell on/upon sg
  15. Criticize yourself in front of other people
    Put yourself down
  16. A small mistake
    • Slip-up
    • slip up
  17. Make a decision about sg too quickly, before having all the facts
    • Jump to conclusions
    • leap to conclusions
  18. (of events or a situation) develop in a particular way
    Pan out
  19. Refuse to admit that a problem exists, or refuse to deal with it
    Bury your head in the sand
  20. Accept and deal with sg that is difficult or unpleasant
    Face up to sg
  21. Pass quickly through sg
    • Run through sg
    • run through your mind
  22. Sg seems good/bad to you
    In a good/bad light
  23. Do as well as other people expect you to
    Live up to sg
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