48. Risk-taking

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  1. bet money on a horse, team, etc. in a race or game
    put money on sg
  2. Reduce the risk of loosing by choosing several possibilities instead of just one
    Hedge your bets
  3. Divide sg into smaller parts
    Split sg up
  4. There's no acceptable reason for doing sg (used in reference to behaviour which you think is very bad
    There's no execuse for doing sg
  5. Take a risk by doing or saying sg that may be criticized or proved to be wrong
    Stick your neck out
  6. Tell sb to do what they are threatening to do because you don't believe they intend to do it or are brave enough to do it
    call sb's bluff
  7. Become involved in a difficult situation, often without intending to
    Get yourself into sg
  8. Avoid taking any big risks
    Play (it) safe
  9. Risk being killed or injured in order to do sg
    • Risk your neck
    • risk life and limb
  10. Help to explain sg by providing new information about it
    Shed/cast/throw light on sg
  11. Be caused by a particular person or thing
    Be down to do sb/sg
  12. The different qualities or things that combine together to form sg
    • make-up
    • make sg up
  13. Try to find sg/sb
    Seek out sg/sb
  14. Enjoy sg so much that it makes you a happier or healthier person
    Thrive on sg
  15. Used to say that sg is possibly true but not definitely true
    Not necessarily
  16. Decide to do sg knowing it may be the wrong choice
    Take a chance (on sg)
  17. An attempt that is unlikely to succeed, but may be wrong trying
    A long shot
  18. Be prepared to miss an opportunity rather than take a risk
    Err on the side of caution
  19. You are in danger of sg unpleasant or harmful happening
    At risk from/of sg
  20. You put yourself in a situation in which sg bad could happen
    Run the risk of sg
  21. You do it even though you have been warned of the dangers
    Do sg at your own risk
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