50. Common spoken responses

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  1. it is lucky that sg has or hasn't happened, otherwise there would be problems
    (it's/that's) just as well
  2. Used to emphasize the anwer 'no'
    • Not in the least
    • not at all
  3. Used to tell sb that you are ready to do sg with them whenever they are ready
    Ready when you are
  4. Used to say things have been successful up to now
    So far, so good
  5. Used to reply in a positive way to a suggestion
    That's an idea
  6. It's very easy
    There's nothing to it
  7. Used to tell sb not to worry about sg
    Forget it
  8. Used to say that sg seems logical and reasonable
    That figures
  9. Used to emphasize your agreement or approval
    Very much so
  10. Used to say you think sb is lucky to have or do sg
    Lucky you
  11. Used to say that you definitely do not want to do sg
    • No fear
    • no way
  12. Used to tell sb you are annoyed and do not care what they do
    Please yourself
  13. Used to tell sb strongly not to do sg
    Don't you dare
  14. Impolite way to say that you think sg is untrue or stupid
    That's/what a load of rubbish/nonsense
  15. Used to say that you would not like to do sg that sb else is going to do
    Rather you/him than me
  16. Used to tell sb that what they want probably will not happen
    You'll be lucky
  17. Used to say you think sg is not important, especially after sb has criticized you for it
    • So what?
    • What of it?
  18. Used when you are annoyed because sb is always asking you questions or interrupting you
    • Now what?
    • what is it now?
  19. I don't care about sg that sb else's problem
    That's not my problem
  20. They must solve their own problems
    That's his problem
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