53. Prepositional verbs

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  1. obey a law, rule, agreement, etc.
    • adhere to sg
    • abide by sg
  2. Get rid of sg that you no longer want or cannot keep
    Dispose of sg/sb
  3. Prevent sb from having, using, or doing sg
    Deprive sb of sg
  4. Have to deal with a problem or difficult situation
    Contend with sg
  5. Have an effect on sb/sg, usually in a negative way
    • Impinge on/upon sb/sg
    • impact on sb/sg
  6. Be proud of sg/doing sg
    Pride yourself on sg/on doing sg
  7. Stop employing sb or dismiss sb from their job
    Dispense with sb's services
  8. Accept sg unpleasant that cannot be changed or avoided
    Resign yourself to sg
  9. (often passive) make sb suffer or experience sg unpleasant
    Subject sb to sg
  10. Start to do sg new or difficult
    Embark on/upon sg
  11. Refer to sg indirectly
    Allude to sg
  12. Take part in sg; be involved in sg
    • Be engaged in sg
    • engage in sg
  13. Agree with an opinion, or theory
    Subscribe to sg
  14. Be the same as or equal to something else
    Amount to sg
  15. Say more about her remarks
    She wouldn't enlarge on/upon her remarks
  16. He asked the government
    He called on/upon the government for more support
  17. They spend time thinking about sg difficult or unpleasant
    They didn't wish to dwell on/upon the consequences
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