54. Idioms in written Eglish

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  1. available for sb to buy
    • for sale
    • o.n.o./ono = or nearest offer
  2. The title of a section in a newspaper where jobs are advertised
    Situations vacant
  3. It is a place where you are not allowed to go there
    Out of bounds
  4. It has been agreed to buy
    Under offer
  5. If sg happens
    In the event of sg
  6. Make use of a formal right to do sg if necessary
    Reserve the right to do sg
  7. When you show sg
    On production of sg
  8. According to what sb decides or wishes to do
    At sb's discretion
  9. At the earliest suitable time for you
    At your earliest convenience
  10. Used at the beginning of a notice or document (e.g. A personal reference) when it is not addressed to a particular person
    To whom it may concern
  11. Make sure you are not too near sb/sg
    Keep your distance
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