57. Prepositional idioms

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  1. they are no longer wanted or useful
    on the scrapheap
  2. Just in time to prevent sg bad from happening
    In the nick of time
  3. In the same home
    • Under one roof
    • under the same roof
  4. Without the public knowing what is happening
    Behind closed doors
  5. The information comes from sb who is directly involved
    (straight) from the horse's mouth
  6. Unusual or different
    Out of the ordinary
  7. (have or) having the moral or legal authority to do sg
    (be) within your rights
  8. Simply and clearly expressed
    In plain English
  9. Near you or available for you to use immediately
    At your fingertips
  10. You follow rules and instructions in a strict way
    By the book
  11. Unexpectedly; without warning
    Out of the blue
  12. Having nothing particular to do
    At a loose end
  13. Having a lot of sg to do or deal with
    Up to your eyes in sg
  14. So that you can remember a happy time in the past
    For old times' sake
  15. It is very likely
    In all probability
  16. Used when you are telling sb sg that you do not want anyone else to know
    • Between you and me
    • between ourselves
  17. From/at the very beginning
    • (right) from/at the outset
    • (right) from/at the word go
  18. Used for talking about true or secret feelings
    In your heart (of hearts)
  19. Crazy
    • Off your head
    • out of your mind
  20. Was too difficult for me to understand
    Went over my head
  21. All over my body
    From head to toe
  22. (of electrical equipment) not working properly
    On the blink
  23. In good/excellent/bad condition
    In good/excellent/bad nick
  24. (of a car) in good condition so that it can be legally driven
    • On the road
    • Off the road
  25. It is going to stop functioning very soon
    On its last legs
  26. (often humorous) sb is annoyed with you because you have done sg wrong
    In the doghouse
  27. Tense, nervous or irritable
    On edge
  28. You are anxious because you are waiting to find out about sg
    On tenterhooks
  29. Living or working in a situation that never changes
    In a rut
  30. At a point in your life when you must make an important decision
    At a/the crossroads
  31. Be in or get (sb) into trouble
    Be in/get (sb) into hot water
  32. No longer my responsibility
    Off my hands
  33. Difficult or impossible to control
    Out off hand
  34. Available to help
    On hand
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