58. Similes

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  1. fit and in good health
    (as) fit as a fiddle
  2. Very quickly
    quick as a flash
  3. Very easy
    Easy as pie
  4. Very hard and uncomfortable
    Hard as nails
  5. (usually of a child or young person) very bright and intelligent
    Bright as a button
  6. Looking very ill or very frightened
    White as a sheet
  7. Very silly
    Daft as a brush
  8. Very calm and controlled, especially in a difficult situation
    Cool as a cucumber
  9. Very thin
    Thin, as a rake
  10. In very good condition, as it was when it was new
    Good as new
  11. Emhasize the adjective, very good behaviour
    (As) gold as gold
  12. Be able to understand easily what sb is thinking or feeling
    Read sg like a book
  13. Work very well
    Work/go like a dream
  14. Be likely to make sb very angry
    Be like a red rag to a bull
  15. (of news, etc.) become known by more and more people very quickly
    Spread like wildfire
  16. Be frustrating because you are making no progress in what you are trying to do
    Be (like) banging your head against the brick wall
  17. Be careless in the way you move or insensitive in your behaviour
    Be like a bull in a china shop
  18. Watch sb very carefully
    Watch sb like a hawk
  19. Be almost impossible to obtain
    Be like getting blood out of stone
  20. Be almost impossible to find
    Be like looking for a needle in a haystack
  21. Be the perfect shape or size for sb
    Fit (sb) like a glove
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