60. Sayings and proverbs

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  1. (do as the Romans do)
    in a foreign country or unfamiliar situation, you should behave in the same way as the people around you
    when in Rome
  2. You have to take risks if you want to achieve sg
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  3. People who have faults should not criticize other people for having the same faults
    People (who live) in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
  4. People can't change their character, especially a bad character
    A leopard cannot change its spots
  5. If too many people are involved in sg, it won't be done well
    • Too many cooks spoil the brot
    • broth is a soup
  6. Make use of an opportunity immediately
    Strike while the iron is hot
  7. You can't make people change their ideas, ways of working, etc. when they've had them a long time
    You can't teach an old dog new tricks
  8. You can't achieve sg important without a few problems or unpleasant effects
    You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs
  9. Now is the best time to do sg, not in the future
    (there's) no time like the present
  10. A job is made easier if a lot of people help
    Many hands make light work
  11. You should help sb who has helped you
    One good turn deserves another
  12. It is better to have sg that you can be certain of than to risk loosing it by trying to get sg much better
    • A bird in the hand
    • (is worth two in the bush)
  13. people in a romantic relationship don't want a third person with them
    • Two's company
    • (three's a crowd)
  14. Someone you don't like but know may be better than sb you don't know who might be worse
    Better the devil you know (than the devil you don't)
  15. Used to say that you should punish sb by doing to them what they have done to you
    • An eye for an eye
    • (and a tooth for a tooth)
  16. Don't be too confident about a future event before it has happened
    • Don't count your chickens
    • (before they're hatched)
  17. Used to say that people always think others are in a better situation than they are
    • The grass is always greener
    • (on the otherside of the fence)
  18. Used for telling sb that you would like to do sg but do not have the energy or strength to do it
    • The spirit is willing
    • (but the flesh is weak)
  19. People of the same sort are usually found together
    • Birds of a feather
    • (flock together)
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