Unit 5,6

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  1. Unit 5 Purpose-
    determine the avg motor nerve fiber conduction velocity under two dif temps
  2. Unit 5 Room Temp Procedure-
    • EMG recording electrodes on belly of 1st dorsal interosseous and MCP joint
    • Ground electrode on back of wrist
    • Ulnar nerve stimulated at wrist and elbow (cathode distally)
    • Distance between elbow and wrist cathodes measured (mm)
  3. Unit 5 Ice Procedure
    • Forearm in plastic bag, ice on top for 30 min
    • Ulnar nerve stim at elbow wrist
  4. Unit 5 Results
    • Cooling slows avg NCV bc the enzymes which dictate the rate of ATP regeneration slow down
    • which slows the Na/K pump
    • Increases time needed to generate AP
    • Decreasing the avg motor nerve fiber conduction velocity
  5. Unit 5 Graphs
    ****Cooling nerve slows NCV therefore taking longer time for the AP to reach the muscle creating delay in the appearance of the M-wave
  6. Unit 6 Purpose
    • determined the impact of changing length of lever arm on the load needed to achieve static equilibrium
    • determined the impact of changing the length of the lever arm on myometer readings during MVC (iso) biceps
  7. direction of biceps force
  8. direction of load force
  9. φ
    biceps force and lever arm A
  10. θ
    load force and lever arm B
  11. Lever arm A
    • Load arm
    • load force to axis of rotation (elbow joint)
  12. Lever arm B
    • effort arm
    • length from biceps tendon to axis of rotation
  13. Unit 6 Simulated Biceps Procedure
    load force placed on 3 dif positions on lever arm A to equal 90 degree angle both theta and phi
  14. Unit 6 Sim bicep Results
    • if weight increase proportionally to the degree of shortening of lever arm A
    • ---then load torques equal
    • ---muscle force values equal
  15. Unit 6 Human setup protocol
    • 3 restraining strap positions
    • 3 MVC with 5 min rest, holding forearm at 90° (angle theta)
  16. moment arm
    perpendicular distance from the pt where force exerted to the axis of rotation  bc we couldn’t measure the angle btw biceps tendon and axis of forearm
  17. Unit 6 hum bic Results
    • weight increase proportionally to the degree of shortening of lever arm A
    • ---then myometer torques equal
    • ---muscle fore values equal
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