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  1. Temple of Zeus at Olympia 450 BC
  2. Temple of Zeus in Olympia, East Pediment 460 BC

    Chariot race b/w Pelops and King Oinomaos. Zeus in the middle
  3. Temple of Zeus in Olympia. East Pediment: the seer lamos 460 BC
  4. Temple of Zeus in Olympia. East pediment: Personification of river Kladeos 460 BC
  5. Temple of Zeus in Olympia, west pediment: Apollo 460 BC
  6. Temple of Zeus at Olympia. Reconstruction drawing of a metope and adjacent triglyphs: Athena, Herakles (supporting the heavens) and Atlas
  7. Temple of Zeus in Olympia, metope: Herakles, Athena, and Stymphalian Birds 460 BC
  8. Temple of Zeus in Olympia, metope: Herakles and the Cretan Bull
  9. Temple of Zeus in Olympia. Section showing the cult statue late 5th century BC
  10. Kritios Boy by Kritios in Athens, 475 BC
  11. The Tyrannicides Roman copies, Original Bronze by Kritios
  12. Diskobolos by Myron. Roman copy 450 BC
  13. Charioteer of Delphi, Bronze with copper inlay. 460 BC
  14. Artemision Zeus or Poseidon from Cape Artemision 460-450 BC
  15. Niobid Krater: Apollo and Artemis killing Niobe's children 460 BC
  16. Niobid Krater: Athena Herakles and Heros 460 BC
  17. Tomb of the Diver, Poseidonia. 480 BC
  18. Drawing of a restoration of the Acroplis 447 BC
  19. Parthenon, Athens, 447-432 BC
  20. Plan of the parthenon athens 442-432 BC
  21. Parthenon, Athens, doric column and capital ad frieze course (triglyphs and metopes) cornices 447-438 BC
  22. Platform of the Parthenon, Showing curvature of facade and flanks
  23. Parthenon, Athens, south metope: struggle b/w Lapith and Centaur 447-438 BC
  24. Parthenon, west pediment Kekrops and daughter, Athens  437-432 BC
  25. Parthenon, west pediment personification of the river Illissos 437-432 BC
  26. Compare contrast east and west pediment on the Parthenon, Athens
  27. Plan of he Propylaia, Athens 437-432 BC
  28. Propylaia to the acropolis, from the east view of the facade Athens 437-432 BC
  29. Temple of Athena Nike, View from the east showing Tetrastyle columns of the facade and the monoithic columns 420's BC
  30. Nike adjusting her sandal From Athena Nike Temple  410-405
  31. Plan of the Erechtheion Athens 430-406 BC
  32. Erechtheion, North porch from the east 430s-406
  33. Caryatid Porch, 420-410 BC
  34. Doryphoros by Polykleitos, Roman copy bronze was original 440 BC

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