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  1. According to the EU law, what is the definition of liqueurs?
    • Must contain at least 100g sugar per litre (10%)
    • Must not consist less than 15% alcohol.

    (Creme de..: 250g/l and Creme de cassis 450g/l)
  2. Name the four classifications of liqueurs?
    • Bitters and bitter liqueurs
    • Herbal liqueurs
    • Fruit liqueurs
    • Nutty liqueurs
    • Emulsion liqueurs
  3. Since when has liquors been on the market and what was their purpose?
    Sine the 19th century, medical purposes.
  4. What is Midori?
    Melon liquor
  5. Where does Coitreau originate from, what spirits is used as base, and which fruit is used for setting the taste?
    France, neutral spirits, orange zests
  6. When and why where liqueurs originally produced?
    • at the 13th century
    • medical purposes
  7. What are the four methods you use to produce liquors? explain
    • Infusion/Extracting
    • -The selected ingredients are mixed by heating in a bottle.
    • Maceration
    • -Simular to infusion, but without heat.
    • Filtration
    • The selected ingredients are placed in the filter and spirits is sequntly poured over the products (Like brewing coffee) Most nutty liquors are produced this way. 
    • Distillation 
    • The ingredients are distilled together with the alcohol, usually starting at a level of 10-15% and ending up with the final strength of the liqueur. Its a costly production method but it ensures quality and a constant taste and aftertaste.  Distilled liquors are transparent
  8. Generic liquors
    • Family related
    • Are of a certain type/stock/family... and may be produced by all brands, as long as the product contains the characteristics of its type

    • ex
    • De Kuyper...
  9. Proprietary liquors
    Produced by a specific brand or registered trademark, and which are produced true to a specific recipe or formula. 

    • ex:
    • Kahlua, Cointreau, Sothern Comfort, fernet branca
  10. Bitters
    • often contain; cinchona bark, bitter orange peel and gentian root.  
    • France, Italy and Spain produce ca. 80 % of all bitters in the world.
    •  Bitters can be divided into semisweet(aromatic bitters and sweet bitters.
  11. When was Campari founded?
  12. When was Fernet Branca founded?
  13. When was Jägermeister founded?
  14. ich herbal liquor contains 130 different herbs?
  15. Liquor producers?
    DeKuyper, Monin, Bols
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