Miss Webster

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  1. Name the 4 internal factors:
    • Equal opportunities
    • Labeling and stereotypes
    • Anti-school subcultures
    • Coursework and gcse's
  2. National Curriculum year
  3. What does GIST stand for?
    Girls Into Science and Technology
  4. What does WISE stand for?
    Women Into Science and Engineering
  5. What did the national curriculum make compulsory?
    That boys and girls study the same subjects
  6. Kelly believed....
    Making science an option helped equalize opportunities
  7. Equal opportunities theorist=
  8. Labeling and stereotypes theorist=
  9. Weiner believes....
    That gender stereotyping should be removed from textbooks in school
  10. Anti school subculture theorist=
    JACKSON (2006)
  11. Jackson studied....
    'laddish' behavior 13-14 year olds
  12. From Jacksons study she concluded that the boys thought it was....
    Uncool to work in school so they would study at home instead
  13. Why did studying at home become a problem for some of the boys?
    Because the w/c boys suffered from material deprivation so they lacked sufficient resources to be able to work from home
  14. The 'lads' said....
    'Im not stupid, i just didnt do any work'
  15. Coursework and gcse's theorists (2)=
    • Gorard 
    • mitsos&browne
  16. Gorard concludes that....
    'the gender gap is a product of the changed system of assessment rather than anymore general failing of boys'
  17. Gorard found that the gender gap was constant between....
    • 1975 and 1988
    • (Then it increased sharply)
  18. mitsos&browne found that...
    Girls were more successful in coursework and tended to bring the right equipment to lessons
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