Foundations Part I

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  1. What is the focus of OT treatment?
    Support the client's health and participation in life through engagement in occupation.
  2. T/F The OT must directly be involved in the evaluation of a client and regularly throughout course of treatment and outcome evaluation.

    The OT must be present for the eval and must determine when to delegate other responsibilities to the OTA.
  3. T/F OT and OTA collaborate with the client to develop the intervention plan.
    TRUE! The OT is responsible for the development of the intervention plan, but can collaborate with others (such as client/family and OTA).
  4. T/F The OTA is not allowed to supervise the OT aide.
    FALSE! The OTA can supervise the OT aide/.
  5. What are the two types of documentation for the evaluation process?
    • 1. Evaluation or screening report
    • 2. Re-evaluation report
  6. What are the four types of documentation for the intervention?
    • 1. Intervention plan
    • 2. OT service contacts
    • 3. Progress report
    • 4. Transition plan
  7. What documentation is used in the outcomes process of treatment?
    Discharge/discontinuation report
  8. How is a screening different from an evaluation?
    A screening is an abbreviated process and documents only limited areas of occupation.
  9. What is the standard classification system for medical diseases and health problems?
    ICD - International Classification of Diagnoses
  10. What is the ICF?
    International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (WHO 2001)
  11. What are the four principles that guide OT?
    • 1. Client-centered practice
    • 2. Occupation-centered practice
    • 3. Evidence-based practice
    • 4. Culturally relevant practice

  12. What is the AOTA Centennial Vision?
    We envision that occupational therapy is a powerful, widely recognized, science-driven, and evidence-based profession with a globally connected and diverse workforce meeting society's occupational needs. (AOTA 2006)
  13. What does the ICF do?
    Provides an organizing framework in which factors related to persons, their performance, and their performance contexts are clustered.
  14. According to the ICF, what is health?
    Health occurs when the person is able to participate in activities due to a good match between their health status and the context in which their activities occur.
  15. What is the WFOT?
    World Federation of Occupational Therapy

    (Key international representative for OT and the official international organization for the promotion of OT)

    International "voice" of OT by promoting international cooperation among OTAs, OTs, and other allied health professionals

    Works closely with WHO

    Promotes education and training in countries with limited infrastructure
  16. How often is the WFOT international congress held?
    Every 4 years
  17. What are the five main programs areas of the WFOT?
    • 1. Education and Research
    • 2. Promotion and development
    • 3. Standards and quality
    • 4. International cooperation
    • 5. Executive program
  18. How many OTs in the U.S.?
  19. What is the purpose of the AOTF?
    American Occupational Therapy Foundation - focuses on the advancement of OT and works in the public interest.

    Programs supporting research, education, publications and leadership development.
  20. What is the AOTA responsible for?
    Guiding and developing the OT: 1. Standards 2. Code of ethics 3. Scope of practice
  21. What are the Special Interest Sections of AOTA?
    • Administration & Management
    • Developmental Disabilities
    • Education
    • Early Intervention & School
    • Gerontology
    • Home & Community Health
    • Mental Health
    • Physical Disabilities
    • Sensory Integration
    • Technology
    • Work and Industry
  22. What is the Assembly of Student Delegates?
    Provides a platform for students to share their perspectives that affect the profession
  23. What is ACOTE?
    (Accreditation Council for OT Education)  Develop and implement the standards for all OT programs (curriculum, credentials of faculty/staff, content of courses, physical facilities and resources, administrative policies)
  24. How many ACOTE accredited programs are there?
    317 OT/OTA
  25. What is the NBCOT?
    • National Board for Certification of OTs
    • Develops is non-profit organization that administers the initial certification exam
  26. What is TBOTE?
    Texas Board of OT Examiners - Responsible for licensing OTs in Texas.
  27. TBOTE requires what exam to gain licensure?
    Jurisprudence exam - covers OT practice act and OT board rules
  28. How often must an OT renew their TBOTE license?
    Every 2 years
  29. What are the four Standards of Practice?
    • I. Professional Standing & Responsibility
    • II. Screening, Evaluation & Re-evaluation
    • III. Intervention
    • IV. Outcomes
  30. What is AOTPAC?
    American Occupational Therapy Political Action Committee - group of members of AOTA that volunteer their time and support to influence the nomination and election of officials to federal public office that will further the legislative goals of the AOTA.
  31. What is the Domain of OT?
    The everyday life activities (occupations) that people find meaningful & purposeful.
  32. What is the Process of OT?
    Delivery of services: evaluation, intervention, and outcomes.
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