Science vocab chapter 6

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  1. Ion
    A positively or negatively charged atom or molecule

    E.g. the most stable ion of lithium is p+
  2. Chemical bond
    A chemical link between two atoms, which holds the atoms together

    E.g. ionic bond
  3. Ionic bond
    A chemical bond that forms between oppositely charged ions

    E.g. one atom losses an electron, one atom gains one
  4. Ionic compound
    A compound made up of two oppositely charged ions

    E.g. sodium chloride
  5. Molecular compound
    • A compound formed when atoms of two or more different
    • elements share electrons

    E.g. water
  6. Covalent bond
    • A chemical bond in which one or more pairs of electrons are
    • shared by two atoms

    E.g. like a tug of war game
  7. Molecule
    • The smallest discrete particle of a pure substance, which
    • has one or more shared pairs of electrons

    E.g. H2O
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