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  1. from 1997 to 2006 the prevalence of obesity has increased ____ %
  2. defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more
  3. being ____ or _____ are linked to increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease
    overweight or obese
  4. being overweight or obese also are associated with mental problems such as
  5. -heredity
    -set point
    -environmental factors
    possible culprits of obesity
  6. evidence that individuals inherit a tendency to be overweight
    identical twins have similar weights, even when they are reared apart
  7. a protein that is involved in satiety (the condition of being full to satisfaction) and released by fat cells, resulting in decreased food intake and increased energy expenditure
  8. the weight you maintain when you make no effort to gain or lose weight
    set point
  9. when these cells are filled, you do not get hungry
    adipose cells
  10. a normal weight individual has ___ to ____ billion fat cells, whereas an obese individual has ___ to ___ fat cells
    30 to 40 bill(ion)s; 80 to 120 bills
  11. the obesity rate in the us has ____ since 1900. it is likely due to a greater ____ of food, ____ saving devices, and ____ physical activity
    doubled; availability; energy; declining
  12. women who have low income are ___x more likely to be obese than high income women
  13. ____ to ____ of dieters regain more weight than they lost on their diets
    1/3 to 2/3
  14. effective weight loss programs include WHAT
    exercise bruh bruh
  15. health experts want people to exercise because it
    helps to prevent diseases
  16. sustained exercise- jogging, swimming, or cycling for example- that stimulates heart and lung activity. 60 percent of experts recommend that you raise your heart rate to at leat 60 percent of ones maximum heart rate
    aerobic exercise
  17. exercise can be as effective in reducing ____ as psycho therapy
  18. ____ is linked to 30 percent of cancer deaths, 21 percent of heart disease deaths, and 82 percent of chronic pulmonary disease deaths.
  19. _____ smoke is implicated in as many as 9000 lung cancer deaths a year
  20. children of smokers are at special risk for ______ and ____ ear diseases
    respiratory and middle
  21. stimulant that increases energy and alertness, a pleasurable and reinforcing experience. stimulates neurotransmitters that have a calming or pain reducing effect
  22. Americans tend to fall into three categories of heterosexual attitudes and behavior
    • -1/3 have sex twice a week or more
    • -1/3 have sex a few times a month
    • -1/3 have sex a few times a year or not at all
  23. married and cohabiting couples have sex ____ often than non cohabiting couples
  24. most americans are not very ____
  25. ____ % of married men and ____ % of married women indicated that they have never been
    75; 85; unfaithful
  26. men think about sex ___ than women do
  27. americans are more ____ towards sex than previously believed
  28. sexual behavior is ruled by ____ and _____ by americans. intercourse is ____ related to life satisfaction
    marriage and monogamy; strongly
  29. called the "drip" or the "clap". characterized by discharge from penis or vagina and painful urination. can lead to infertility
  30. characterized by the appearance of a sore where ____ entered the body. a skin rash can break out on hands and feet. can lead to paralysis or death
  31. common STI named after the bacteria that infects people by sexual contact. women with ___ may become infertile
  32. caused by HIV. semen and blood are the main vehicles of transmission. common symptoms include fevers, night sweats, weight loss, chronic fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes
  33. caused by HPV which doesn't always produce symptoms. usually appear as small, hard painless bumps in the vaginal area or around the anus. very contagious. can cause cervical and genital cancers
    genital warts
  34. STI's affect about ___ in every ___ U.S. adults
  35. most prevalent STI's are caused by
    bacteria and viruses
  36. ___ to ___ sexual contact continues to be the most frequent AIDS transmission category
    male to male
  37. total number of individuals with HIV is around ___ million, while ___ million of these individuals are in sub saharan africa
    33, 22
  38. approximately ___ of all new HIV infections around the world occur in the ___-___ age category
    half; 15-24
  39. ___ rapes are reported each year in the U.S.
  40. rape is caused because men are _____ to be sexually aggressive, to regard women as ____, and to view their own pleasure as the most important objective in sexual relations
    socialized; inferior
  41. -aggression enhances their sense of power or masculinity
    -they are angry at women in general
    -want to hurt and humiliate their victims
    characteristics of male rapists
  42. a high level of sexual _____ (sexual exploitation, sexual entitlement, low sexual empathy, sexual skill) was linked to a greater likelihood that they would engage in sexual aggression
  43. coercive sexual activity directed at someone with whom the perpetrator is at least casually acquainted
    date or acquaintance rape
  44. piaget argued that at approx 11-15 years of age, adolescents enter the _____ operational stage
  45. characterized by
    -logical, abstract, and idealistic thinking
    -more quantitatively advanced in their thinking in the sense that they have more knowledge
    formal operational stage
  46. ____ earners may have special problems finding a ____ between work and the rest of life
    dual; balance
  47. -US husbands are taking increased responsibility for maintaining the home
    -U.S. women are taking increased responsibility for breadwinning
    -U.S. men are showing greater interest in their families and parenting
    division of responsibility for work in families
  48. dual earner career decisions often are made in favor of ___'s greater earning power
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