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  1. a feature available in most microsoft office 2007 programs that automatically correct common mistakes errors as you type
  2. the default number of characters that display in a column based on the default font
    standard column width
  3. a standard setting or mode of operation
  4. the order in which excel performs the calculations specified in a formula
    order of mathematical equations
  5. the location of a cell in a worksheet as identified by is column letter and row number. Also known as the cells address
    cell reference
  6. a mathematical equation
  7. a feature used to complete an entry based on previous entries made in the column containing the active cell
  8. a list of sequential numbers, dates, times, or text
  9. a sample or model document on which new documents are based. these include formatting settings, text, and graphics used to create the new document
  10. an excel file with one or more worksheet
  11. a number entered in the worksheet
  12. tabs that appear at the bottom of the workbook window, which display the name of each worksheet
    sheet tabs
  13. the work area for entering and calculating data made up of columns and rows separated by gridlines (light grey lines). Also called spreadsheet
  14. ####
    pound signs
  15. a shortcut used to insert repeated info
    pick from drop down list
  16. a number entered in the worksheet as a label, not as a value-such as the year 2005 used as a column label
    numeric label
  17. an apostrophe used to indicate that is a number is a label and not a value
    label prefix
  18. text in the first row or column of a worksheet that identifies the type of data contained there
  19. as you enter data into a cell, it simutaneously appears in this, which is located above the worksheet
    formula bar
  20. the rectangular area at the intersection of a column and a row in a table, into which you enter data or graphics
  21. contains the cell pointer. There is a dark outline around this
    active cell
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