Purpose of the C1 Buckets

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  1. Integration
    • create an internal focus
    • introduce and define breath
    • set tone and pace of class
    • calm mind and nervous system
  2. Sun A
    • introduce Vinyasa: breath linked with movement
    • Chaturanga breakdown
    • introduce postures and cues which will be used for the entire class
    • build heat
    • move the spine through flexion and extension
    • create rhythm and tempo for class
    • open the larger muscle groups of the body (spinal musculature, hamstrings, core, frontline, shoulders)
    • movement at the joints: shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists
  3. Sun B
    • continue to build rhythm and heat
    • quadricepts, the largest muscle group of the body, developed
    • external hip rotation introduced
    • lateral flexion of spine introduced
  4. Core
    • core strength is essential for all movements: twists, balancing, inversions, etc
    • core strength developed here to assist with the challenging Crescent and Balancing series
  5. Crescent Lunge
    • crescent lunge begins the balancing aspect of the Vinyasa class
    • quad strength developed in Utkatasana is used here
    • Crescent Lunge series introduces deep twists engaging core and long spine
    • deep hip opening (Runner's Lunge)
    • continued development of leg strength and core awareness in preparation for Balancing Series
  6. Balancing
    • pose/counter-pose demonstrated
    • Eagle is a contracting pose
    • Dancer is an expansive pose
    • Tree brings body and mind together
  7. Triangle Series
    • introduction of Warrior 1
    • building from the structure of Sun B and moving deeper: deepest external hip opening and side body opening
    • increasing length of groin and hamstrings
  8. Hip Opening
    hip opening in preparation for back bends
  9. Spine Strengthening
    • Spine Strengthening series in C1 focuses on Asanas that move against gravity: this is safer for beginners
    • spine postures will take use of the core strength and hip opening that has already been established
    • strengthens your back body
    • opens your front body
  10. Forward Fold
    • calms the brain and helps relieve stress
    • neutralizing postures
    • counters backbends while stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings - opens back body
    • prepares body for deep relaxation
  11. Surrender Series
    total body release
  12. To Review
    • 1) Introduction: set tone and breath
    • 2) Be Predictable: set rhythm of class, simple cueing
    • 3) Build Heat: to allow for ease in postures and for deeper expressions of Asanas
    • 4) Core Strength: for deeper twists, opening and balancing
    • 5) Hold Postures: while warm and focused to create opening and depth
    • 6) Deep Hip & Hamstring Opening: while students are at the peak of heat
    • 7) Backbends/Spine Strength: done near the end of class after core has been activiated and hips are open
    • 8) Savasana
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