latino culture

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  1. what are three factors that affect contemporary food habits?
    • proximity
    • length of stay
    • poverty
  2. what is la raza?
    • people of all latino heritage
    • means "the people"
  3. what are the top two health concerns in Hispanic Americans?
    • obesity
    • type 2 diabetes
  4. what are examples of foods that spain introduced to the traditional diet?
    • cinnamon, garlic, onions, rice, sugar cane, beans and wheat
    • hogs (lard)
    • alcohol
  5. what is the concept of machismo?
    father is the head of the household
  6. what occupations do Mexican men overrepresent?
    construction, maintenance, production and transportation
  7. what are factors of the traditional diet that have negative impacts on health?
    • liberal use of fats with lard and high fat meats
    • fried foods like meat, beans, tortillas, and potatoes
  8. what are factors of the traditional diet that have positive impacts on health?
    • high complex carbs
    • liberal use of fruits/vegetables
    • not many processed foods
    • simply prepared
    • nutritionally balanced
  9. what is the staple food of the Mexican diet?
  10. what are the different groups that make up the current US population?
    • latinos
    • hispanic
    • mestizos
  11. what two cultural groups come together as a fusion in traditional Hispanic cuisine?
    • Spanish
    • latin American
  12. home remedies?
    • women are health experts
    • OTC remedies
    • botanicals
  13. folk healer, shaman
  14. illness is caused by?
    • excessive emotion
    • dislocation of organs
    • magic
    • imbalance hot-cold
    • soul loss
    • evil eye
  15. mal de ojo?
    evil eye
  16. illnesses =?
    soul loss and evil eye
  17. anglo disease?
    white disease like pneumonia
  18. fruit of prickly pear cactus lowers?
    blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  19. what type of remedies could be harmful?
    powdered rattlesnake contaminated with botulism which may be lethal
  20. cold foods?
    • vegetables
    • tropical fruits
    • dairy
    • some cuts of meat
  21. hot foods?
    • chili peppers
    • garlic
    • onion
    • grains
    • some cuts of meat
    • oils
    • alcohol
  22. a good meal is?
  23. illnesses are hot or cold, treated by using?
    opposite type of food to create balance
  24. who is the family health expert?
  25. what are their religious beliefs?
    • roman catholic
    • they believe¬†they have¬†no direct control over their own fate
  26. latinos?
    • originally from mexico, south and central American, Caribbean-latin heritage
    • largest non European ethic group in US
  27. implies Spanish or latin American background
  28. chicanos?
    • born in US and immigrated to US
    • legal citizens
  29. braceros?
    born in mexico and work in US legally
  30. barrios?
    urban latino neighborhoods
  31. a latino folk belief that they can lose their soul through a frightening experience
  32. a cold illness in the stomach
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