Article 1

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  1. Article 1 is what branch of government?
  2. Legislative parts
    House of Representatives and Senate
  3. House of Representatives term and qualifications.
    • 2 years
    • 25 years old, citizen for 7 years, live in teh state you represent
  4. House of Representatives is made of...
    435 members based on population
  5. Leader of the House of Representatives
    Speaker of the house
  6. What power does the house have?
    Power of Impeachment
  7. Senate terms and qualifications
    • 6 years
    • 30 years old, citizen for 9 years, live in the state you represent
  8. Senate is made up of ...
    100 members, 2 per state
  9. The leader of the Senate is...
    the Vice President
  10. What power does the Senate have?
    jury for impeachment,
  11. When does congress sessions begin?
    starting January 3rd at noon
  12. Rules for congress meetings...
    • Must have Quorum to vote - one more than half
    • they can expel a member by a 2/3 vote
    • Congressional Record - meeting notes(except for secret stuff)
    • cannot stop meetings for more than 3 days unless the other house agrees
  13. powers of congress
    • Set & collect taxes
    • borrow money
    • regulate trade
    • make rules for citizenship
    • make laws about bankruptcy¬†
    • coin money
    • establish post office & roads
    • declare war
    • make laws
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