Eng 10 OGT C-F

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  1. chronological
    an organizational structure of text in which events are placed in the order they occur in time
  2. comparison and contrast
    an organizational structure of text based on a description of similarities and differences among two or more things
  3. compound sentence
    • sentence with two or more independent clauses but no dependent clause
    • *Mike talked and Susie listened. *has two verbs and two subjects. *and, or, nor, but, therefore.
  4. compound word
    • combination of two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning
    • *football, housekeeper
  5. concrete image
    words that induce [cause] readers to call up “pictures” in their minds by appealing to their senses
  6. conflict
    the struggle between opposing forces that brings about the action within a story or drama; can be internal or external
  7. connotation
    the attitudes and feelings associated with a word as opposed to a word's literal meaning
  8. consonance
    • the repetition of identical consonant sounds before or after differing vowel sounds (for example, stoke and luck)
    • * slippery snakes was loose in the house
  9. consumer documents
    nonfiction works such as warranties, product information, and instructional materials designed to help one with daily tasks
  10. context clues
    information a reader may obtain from a text that helps confirm the meaning of a word or a group of words
  11. counterargument
    • a point or statement in opposition to the argument being made
    • * ski: dangerous:fun
  12. credibility
    • the quality or state of offering reasonable grounds for being believed
    • *Mrs. Roth tells you how to fix a car or how to study
  13. cues
    • hand body or facial gestures that communicate meaning with little or no use of language
    • *wave, wink, smile
  14. cutaway
    a drawing or model of something with part of its outside removed to give a view of the inside
  15. declarative sentence
    • sentence that makes a statement
    • * the cat sat by the window
  16. denotation
    the literal or dictionary meaning of a word
  17. dialect
    • a form of language as it is spoken in a particular geographic area or by a particular social or ethnic group
    • *south accent
  18. dialogue
    a conversation between two or more characters in a work that gives insight into the characters themselves
  19. diction
    clarity of pronunciation
  20. digraphs
    • two successive letters that make a single sound
    • *brEAd
  21. dynamic character
    a character who undergoes a change during the course of a story
  22. editing
    step in preparing a written work for publication that focuses on clarity and correctness
  23. e.g.
    • exempligratia(latin) means for example
    • *always lowercase
  24. evaluative question
    a question that asks the responder to make a judgment
  25. exclamatory sentence
    sentence that conveys strong or sudden emotion
  26. EXPository
    spoken or written composition, intending to EXPlain
  27. fable
    a story intended to enforce a useful truth, especially one in which animals speak and act like human beings
  28. fallacy
    a typical error in reasoning that arises commonly in ordinary discourse and renders unsound the argument in which it appears
  29. first-person narration
    narration in which the point of view is that of the main character
  30. flashback
    the technique of stopping the chronological action in a story and shifting to an earlier period to introduce additional information
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