Chapter 20-21 Quiz

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  1. Fort Sumter
    • fort in South Carolina that was seized by Confederate troops
    • Lincoln wanted to resupply the fort
    • when he sent a ship there to do so, the first shots of the Civil War were fired
  2. April 12, 1861
    • Fort Sumter cannons were fired onto the fort
    • after 34 hours of non-lethal firing, the fort surrendered
  3. volunteers in the north
  4. Important Border States
    Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland
  5. Five Civilized Tribes take side
  6. State Split Over Civil war
  7. southern advantages
    • only had to fight to a draw to win
    • talented officers
  8. southern disadvantages
    shortage of factories and manufacturing plants
  9. Trent Affair
    British mail ship stopped by a union warship that removed 2 confederate diplomats to Europe
  10. C.S.S. Alabama
    escaped to the Portuguese Azores, took on weapons and crew from Britain
  11. Abe Lincoln's tyrannical acts
    • illegally proclaiming a blockade
    • proclaiming acts without Congressional consent
    • sending troops to the Border States
  12. Problems
    with the conscription law
    angered the poor because rich men could hire a substitute for $300 instead of entering the war
  13. Morrill Tariff Act
    • increasing tariff rates by about 5 to 10%
    • but war soon drove those rates even higher
  14. National Banking Act
    first step toward a unified national banking network since 1836, when the Bank of the United States was killed by Andrew Jackson
  15. Inflation in South and North
    • South: 9000%
    • North: 80%
  16. Clara Barton and Dorothea Dix
    helped transform nursing from a lowly service to a respected profession
  17. Sally Tompkins
    • Tompkins ran a Richmond infirmary for wounded Confederate soldiers 
    • was awarded the rank of Captain by Jefferson Davis
  18. Seven Days’ Battles
    • McClellan’s
    • reinforcements chased Stonewall Jackson 
    • “Jeb” Stuart’s Confederate cavalry rode completely around McClellan’s army
    • Southern General Robert E. Lee launched a devastating counterattack
  19. Merrimack v. Monitor
    Merrimack threatened to break the Union blockade, but the Monitor arrived just in time to fight the Merrimack and the Confederate ship was destroyed later by the South to save it from the North
  20. Effects of Lee’s plans Stolen
    • Union were able to stop the Southerners at Antietam Creek on September 17, 1862 in
    • one of the bloodiest days of the Civil War
  21. Emancipation Proclamation
    said slaves would be free in succeeded states
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