Line Fundamentals

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  1. What is a Value?
    Values are deep seated personal belief that is never compromised.
  2. What are priorities?
    Prior tend to shift based upon the situation at hand.
  3. Safety should be?
    A priority
  4. ______ _________ cause 85% of all accidents.
    unsafe behaviors
  5. if you ask a question then?
    you know the answer.
  6. When should personal protective equipment be worn at NLC?
    whenever entering the training yard from the parking lot.
  7. What's the ANSI spec. for safety glasses?
  8. What's the ANSI spec. for hard hats?
  9. What's ANSI stand for?
    American National Standards Institute
  10. 4 steps to take when NLC vehicle is involved in an off site accident
    • 1. Move the vehicle to a safe area.
    • 2. Cone off the area.
    • 3. Notify NLC ASAP
    • 4. Comply with all law enforcement personnel.
  11. Poor housekeeping is the basic cause of?
  12. How often should fire extinguishers be checked?
  13. When is okay to fight a fire by yourself?
    When you are certain the fire can be put out with only one extinguisher.
  14. What hazards should electrical tools not be used around?
    flammable gasses, vapors or dusts
  15. four things you should do if moving a vehicle
    • make sure all objects and people are clear
    • make sure someone is directing if backing
    • secure all lose objects
    • walk around
  16. seven things used to safeguard the work area
    • adequate barriers
    • warning signs
    • lights
    • flags
    • traffic cones
    • high level standards
    • barricade rope
  17. all conductors shall be treated as?
  18. before climbing wood poles what should be done?
    carefully inspected
  19. when setting wood poles what should each crew member have?
    an assignment
  20. what should always be used when removing poles?
    pole jack
  21. Minimum gaff length is?
    1 1/4"
  22. What should be done before undertaking any project?
    A through job briefing.
  23. When climbing poles what needs to exist around that structure?
    a 10 foot radius.
  24. always belt _____ the obstacle with a rope lanyard.
  25. when setting or removing poles, the setting chain or sling should be placed _____ the balance point.
  26. why is customer service important to employers
    the success of any business depends on customer satisfaction. to the customer, a lineworker is the utility
  27. what are 7 customer issues?
    • disconnects
    • property damage
    • clearing trees form lines
    • planned outages
    • maintenance work
    • storm damage
    • emergency work
  28. customer means?
    providing people with what they need in a gracious and helpful manner
  29. what are 6 customer wants?
    • good service
    • low rates
    • community involvement
    • education programs
    • community service
    • be diplomatic
  30. what are 4 characteristics of a line work contractor?
    • build and maintain power lines
    • contractor is the service provider
    • utility is the customer
    • closely monitored by the utility for safety violations and accidental outages.
  31. what can happen is a line work contractor has too many accidental outages or safety violations?
    • lose jobs
    • lose bidding rights for future jobs
  32. whats NESC
    National Electrical Safety Code
  33. whats CAIDI?
    Customer Average Interruption Duration Index
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