Hydrography - Navigation and Positioning

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  1. What is Marine Navigation?
    Process of directing the movements of a vessel from one point to another.
  2. What is Tracking?
    Determining the specified track/direction in relation to the vessel.
  3. What is Homing?
    Going to a certain point.
  4. What is Station Tracking?
    Going/hover over station.
  5. Difficulties of Marine Positioning & Navigation?
    • -Antenna interference
    • -Electrical Noise
    • -Temperature Extremes
    • -Access to power
    • -DGPS coverage
  6. Describe "Here" Solution?
    • 1. Set up base station over a monument.¬†
    • 2. Configure output corrections,¬†relative¬†accuracy
    • 3. Post Processing
  7. Pros & Cons "Here" Solution
    • Pros:
    • - No need to come prior to and set up.
    • - Fast to set up.

    • Cons:
    • - Errors in the base station will effect the whole survey.
    • - Errors will always remain in the baselines.
    • - Because of the relative 10m accuracy you have to expand survey area.
  8. LBL?
    Long Base Line
  9. SBL?
    Short Base Line
  10. USBL
    Ultra Short Base Line
  11. FOG
    Fiber Optic Gyro Compasses
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