Cranial Nerves

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  1. I Olfactory Nerve
    • Function: special sensory for Smell
    • Damage: lost of smell (anosmia)
  2. II Optic Nerve
    • Function: special sensory for vision
    • Damage: loss of vision (anopsia)
  3. III Oculomotor Nerve
    • Function: Motor- somatic motor (movement of eye) and visceral motor (autonomic) to ciliary ganglion (intrinsic muscles of sphincter pupillie and ciliary)
    • Damage: paralysis of moving the eye
  4. IV Trochlear Nerve
    • Function: Motor – superior oblique muscle
    • Damage: extortion of the eye
  5. V Trigeminal Nerve
    • Largest C.N.
    • Function – Mixed- 3 branches - Opthalmic (sensory), Maxillary (sensory), Mandibular (sensory & motor)
  6. VI Abducens Nerve
    • Function: Motor – lateral rectus
    • Damage: internal stratism(eyes look inward)
  7. VII Facial Nerve
    • Functions: Mixed
    • Motor Somatic motor – muscles of facial expression
    • Visceral motor - tear, nasal and palatine glands, and salivary glands
    • Sensory - taste on anterior 2/3’s of tongue
  8. VIII Vestibulocochlear Nerve
    • Functions: special sensory- vestibular branch for balance; cochlear branch for hearing
    • Damage: loss of balance and hearing.
  9. IX Glossopharyngeal Nerve
    Functions:  Mixed – motor (Swallowing, salivation); sensory (from posterior 1/3 of tongue, pharynx and palate, carotid arteries)
  10. X Vagus Nerve
    • Functions – Mixed, widely distributed in thorax and abdomen *swallowing, speech, regulation of viscera
    • Longest C.N.
  11. XI Accessory Nerve
    Function: Motor - Swallowing, head, neck and shoulder movement
  12. XII Hypoglossal Nerve
    • Function: Motor - Tongue movements for speech, food manipulation and swallowing
    • Damage: paralysis of tongue (apsilateral side, deviates).
  13. Pure Sensory?
  14. Purely Motor?
  15. Mixed?
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