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  1. Sex refers to...
    airth and it is base on sexual organs
  2. Sex also refers to the (1)__________ role that people (2)____ and (3)______ in during (4)____________.
    • 1. biological
    • 2. play
    • 3. engage
    • 4. reproduction
  3. An example of sex versus culture
    sex is based on biology and gender is based on culture
  4. Gender refers to an...
    a status that is assigned at birth
  5. Gender also refers to the (1)_______ behavior involving how people are expected to (2)___ as males and females in (3)_______
    • 1. learned
    • 2. act
    • 3. society
  6. An example of gender...
    • the vast majority of the people in the USA are born male or female;
    • a small number is born with both male and female sex organs
  7. Sexism refers to...
    an ideology based on the belief that one sex is superior to and should dominate the other sex
  8. An example of sexism...
    females are channeled into specific statuses and roles, including jobs wherein women receive lower rates of pay that men for the same work
  9. Instrumental Tasks refers to...
    the goal-oriented activities of the group, such as hunting, building something, or managing a work team
  10. Instrumental tasks are tasks seen primarily as a...
    • man's responsibility in the division of sex roles or gender roles
    • these tasks are seen to be associated with malehood
  11. Expressive Tasks refers to...
    activities focused on the relationships between people - maintaining happiness, harmony, and emotional stability
  12. Expressive tasks were seen primarily as a ...
    woman's responsibility in the division of sex roles or gender roles
  13. Socialization refers to...
    the ways in which people learn to conform to their society's norms, values, and roles
  14. Examples of socialization...
    • the learning people gain from the family, schools and media;
    • people gain knowledge from parents, siblings, relatives, peers, teachers, mentors, and others
  15. What ages do peers become most important to youth/teens?
    age 9 - 12
  16. Agents of Socialization refers to...
    individuals who socialize others
  17. Agents of socialization consist of at least...
    two people
  18. Examples of agents of socialization are...
    mother, father, teacher, coach, minister, counselor
  19. Agencies of Socialization refers to...
    groups of people and institutions that socialize people
  20. Examples of agencies of socialization are...
    • family
    • school
    • community
    • religion
    • peer group
    • mass media
  21. Feminist Movement refers to...
    the collective activities of individuals, groups, and organizations whose goal is the fair and equal treatment of women and men around the world
  22. Feminist Movement also has been called...
    the women's movement
  23. The feminist movement developed as a...
    social movement in the 1800s which focused on eliminating sexism and fighting for social justice for females
  24. An example of the feminist movement
    the fight which led to women getting the right to vote in 1920
  25. Homosexuality refers to...
    sexuality which occurs between people of the same sex
  26. An example of homosexuality in society
    • it is a widespread activity in the jails and prisons of the USA
    • it was widespread in ancient Greece and in ancient Rome
  27. Homosexual refers to...
    a person who engages in homosexual activity
  28. William Kornblum has reported that (1)_ to (2)_ percent of men fall into the homosexual social category and that (3)_ to (4)_ percent of women fall into the homosexual social category
    • 1. 1
    • 2. 5
    • 3. 1
    • 4. 3
  29. Lesbian refers to...
    a term used to designate a female homosexual
  30. An example of a lesbian...
    Ellen DeGeneres is a well known self-identified lesbian woman
  31. Gay refers to...
    a term used to designate a male homosexual
  32. An example of a gay man...
    Anderson Cooper is a well known self-identified gay man
  33. Pedophile refers to..
    a man or a woman who engages in or seek sexual activity with minor children
  34. Pedophiles can be either...
    homosexual or heterosexual
  35. Example of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles
    • heterosexual pedophile is a molester of minors of the opposite sex
    • homosexual pedophile is a molester of minors of the same sex
  36. Heterosexual Pedophile refers to...
    a molester of minors of the same sex
  37. An example of a heterosexual pedophile
    Roman Polanski, a famous film director, is a heterosexual pedophile
  38. Homosexual Pedophile refers to...
    a molester of minors of the same sex
  39. An example of a homosexual pedophile
    Jerry Sandusky, a former coach with Penn State University is a homosexual pedophile
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