Mariposa Wine Pairings

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  1. Oyster-Lovers Bliss
    Kumamoto Oysters, Lime-aji chile vinaigrette, vanilla bean creme fraiche, smokes steelhead roe.

    Chenin Blanc
  2. Nori & Seasame Ahi or Dungeness Crab
    Pea shoots, cucumber, avocado, wasabi, soy and ginger sauces.

    Riesling- Alsace France
  3. Diver Scallop Ceviche
    Lime-aji chile vinaigrette, cilantro emulsion

  4. Shrimp Ravioli
    Poached, DV meadowlark Brie in gnocchi, pan browned, tomato confit cipollini onion ragout

  5. Sea Scallop- Pan Roasted
    • Oak smoked bacon-chive risotto, gala apple, basil and frisee salad. 
    • Granny smith beurre blanc

  6. Ahi Fillet
    Med. olive, roast red pep & caper vinaigrette.

    Abalone mushroom, chevre-mashed yukon gld pots.

  7. Pancetta Wrapped Monkfish
    House cured pancetta, mustard pickle beurre blanc, pan roasted frisee, chevre-mashed yukon tots.

    Riesling- France
  8. Kumamoto Oysters
    Melon- Muscadet, France
  9. Salad

    Braised Pork Belly, baby spinach, grilled Gala apples
    Goats milk feta, red pep & onion, dijon tarragon vinaigrette

  10. Romaine
    Hearts Romaine, Caesar, aged edam, spanish anchovies, rosemary crustini

    Chenin Blanc- Vouvray
  11. Burratta
    Baby arugula, evoo, basalmic

    Sauvignon Blanc, Napa
  12. Maine Lobster Chow
    Smoked paprika, chives

    Chardonnay-Sonoma (Russian River Valley)
  13. Wild Mushrooms Beggar's Purse
    Beaujolais reduction, DV triple truffle brie, baby greens

    Pinot- Burgundy
  14. Lemon-Thyme Gnocchi
    Beurre blanc, aged edam

    Chenin Blanc- Vouvray
  15. Caramelized Onion Gruyere Tart
    Watercress salad, muscat reduction

    Riesling- Alsace, France
  16. Fried Green Tomato
    Melted chevre, red/green chili sauces, crispy shallots and leeks

    Chenin Blanc- Vouvray, France
  17. Sauteed Wild Mush & Herbed Quinoa
    Roasted cipollini onions, house-dried tomatoes, mushroom broth

    Pinot- Central coast, Cali
  18. Quail Saltimbocca
    • Pan-roasted, boneless quail breast, house cured prosciutto, fresh sage leaves.
    • Miso-braised kale and mushrooms, cabernet reduction, crispy smoked shallots

    Ruche- N. Rhone, France
  19. Roasted Chix Breast
    Lemon-thyme beurre blanc, chevre-mashed tots, sauteed chard and baby spinach

    Sauvignon Blanc- Napa
  20. Niman Ranch Beef Short Rib
    Pontack sauce, chevre-mashed tots

    Grenache Blend, S. Rhone-France
  21. Grilled Niman Beef Tenderloin
    • Maple-peppered bacon, crisp potatoes anna, sauteed wild mush, roasted cipollini onions.
    • Rich red wine sauce, horseradish creme fraiche.

    Tempranillo, Rioja-Spain
  22. Veal Tenderloin Scaloppine
    Lemon wine caper sauce, chevre mashed tots

    Ruche- N. Rhone, France
  23. Niman Bear Lake Lamb Chop
    • Marsala-seared, boneless loin chop.
    • Syrah-mint-juniper jelly, roasted cherry tomato sauce.
    • Yam-parsnip,yukon gld gratin

    Syrah- Sonoma
  24. Seared Bison Filet
    • Topped Triple Truffle Brie.
    • Rolled w/ cipollini onions and seared foie gras
    • Y-P-U Gld gratin
    • Red wine reduction

    Cab. Sav.- Napa
  25. What is Sous-vide? What dishes use this?
    Meat cooked in airtight plastic, cooked in constant low temp water bath for extended period of time.

    Chix Breast.
  26. Which dish is laid over miso braised kale and mushrooms? What sauce is used on the dish? What is it topped with?
    Qual Saltimbocca

    Red wine reductions

    Crispy smoked shallots
  27. What is the jelly served with the lamb chop?
  28. Which dishes use the DV triple truffle Brie?
    Seared Bison Filet

    Wild Mushroom Beggars purse
  29. Which dishes are served with the lime-aji vinaigrette?
    Oyster Lovers Bliss

    Diver Scallop Ceviche
  30. What is the sauce served with the Pancetta wrapped Monkfish?
    Mustard-pickle beurre blanc
  31. What is Frisee?
  32. What is braising?
    • Using both dry and wet cooking practices.
    • Usually you will sear a piece of meat at high temp on a pan and then add it to a closed pot that has an ample amount of water for it to cook in.
  33. What is the only dish paired with Champagne?
    Shrimp Ravioli
  34. What does confit mean? Which dishes is technique used in?
    Item being cooked in oil (not to hot) or sugar water.

    Shrimp Ravioli sauce- Tomato-confit cipollini onion ragout.
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