SOCIO221 CH 11

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  1. Drug refers to...
    any substance that, when consumed, alters one or more of the functions of the human body
  2. Examples of drugs
    • alcohol (beer, wine, and liquor)
    • cocaine
    • methampetamines
    • cancer medicine
    • high blood pressure medicine
  3. Psychoactive Drugs refers to..
    drugs that can produce major altercations in the mood, emotions, perceptions, or brain functioning of the person who takes them
  4. Examples of psychoactive drugs
    • alcohol
    • marijuana
    • cocaine
    • heroin
    • methamphetamines
  5. Drug Abuse refers to...
    the continued use of a psychoactive substance at a level that violates approved social practices
  6. Examples of drug abuse
    the use of the substance meets social disapproval and has negative consequences for the user's health, harms the user's relationships with others, and is a threat to others
  7. Drug dependence refers to...
    a mental or physical craving for a drug and withdrawal symptoms when use of the drug is stopped
  8. Drug dependence can be either...
    physical, psychological, or both
  9. Example of drug dependence
    a person can become physically or psychologically dependent on socially approved drugs like alcohol or socially disapproved drugs like crack or methamphetamines
  10. Drug addition refers to...
    a physical dependence on a drug
  11. Example of drug addition
    a person becomes physically dependent on socially approved drugs like oxycontin or socially disapproved drugs like heroin
  12. Tolerance refers to...
    physical changes that result in the need for higher and higher doses of the drug to achieve the same effect
  13. Example of tolerance
    the liver destroys the drug more quickly, diminishes the response of the nervous system to the drug, and more of the drug to get a high or boost
  14. Cross-dependence refers to...
    a situation wherein the withdrawal symptoms of one drug are alleviated by another drug in the same pharmacological class
  15. Example of cross-dependence
    a person takes methadone to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of heroin
  16. Cross-tolerance refers to...
    a situation wherein a tolerance built up to one drug leads to a reduced response to another drug in the same pharmacological class
  17. An example of cross-tolerance
    a person develops a tolerance for high levels of heroin and opium
  18. Alcohol refers to...
    a psychoactive drug that can be purchased without a prescription by adults in the USA
  19. Example of alcohol
    7% of adults in the USA are heavy drinkers in that they consume 5+ drinks in one sitting at least 5 times per month
  20. Alcoholism refers to...
    the consumption of alcohol at a level that produces serious personal, social, or health consequences, including marital problems, occupational problems, accidents, and arrests
  21. Example of alcoholism
    15% of male drinkers and 6% of female drinkers in the USA suffer from alcoholism
  22. Marijuana refers to...
    cannabis products smoked as a cigarette, placed in a pipe, placed in baked goods like cookies, or made into pills
  23. Example of marijuana
    5% of full-time college students smoked marijuana everyday according to a 2008 survey
  24. Stimulants refers to...
    drugs whose main effect is to stimulate the central nervous system
  25. Example of stimulants
    • cocaine is a stimulant derived from coca leaves
    • one in six adults have tried cocaine
  26. Depressants refers to...
    drugs whose main effect is to depress the central nervous system
  27. Example of depressants
    barbituarates are a depressant
  28. Potentiation refers to...
    a situation wherein two depressants are taken at the same time
  29. Example of potentiation
    alcohol is mixed with barbiturates
  30. Narcotics refers to...
    drugs whose main use is as analgesics or painkillers
  31. Example of narcotics
    • opium
    • morphine
    • codeine
  32. Hallucinogens refers to...
    drugs that produce hallucinations, often of a visual nature
  33. Example of hallucinogens
    • LSD
    • PCP
    • peote
    • mescaline
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