Art 115 Digipen Final

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  1. How did the photograph change how art was made?
    what was made? and viewed? (Give examples)
  2. Photography
    (Greek)photos (‘light’) + graphy (representation by drawing)=Drawing With Light
  3. Abasic single lens reflex camera
  4. Find the picture of AlbrechtDurer, “Artist Using a perspective device”, 1520
    lady laying on bench other side man playing game
  5. was this photograph what?:
    • 1.Practical
    • 2. Immediate (fast)
    • 3. Cheaper (than a painting)
    • 4. Comprehensible
  6. TheCamera Obscura – Greek for “Dark” & “Room
    Identify and find this picture
  7. A camera conspiracy? Who were these people?
    •David Hockey & Charles Falco’s  “Hockney-Falco Hypothesis”Secret Knowledge,

    David Hockney 2003
  8.  Seeing Objectively

    Name some of these people
    • Ansel Adams
    • Edward Weston
    • Imogen Cunningham
    • John Paul Edwards
    • Preston Holder
  9. Ansel Adams, “Church, Taos, NM”, 1942
    Find this picture
  10. When you see what you express through photography, you realize all the things that can no longer be the objectives of painting
  11. Who said this? I have discovered photography so now I can kill myself. I have nothing else tolearn
  12. Contemporary Photography:Testing the Waters and Blurring the Boundaries
    • Truth/RealitySexualityMetaphor
    • DocumentationBeauty
  13. How did the photograph change how art was made? what wasmade? and viewed
    ?(Give examples)
  14. List some charter of The photograph was
    • 1.Practical
    • 2. Immediate (fast)
    • 3. Cheaper (than a painting)
    • 4. Comprehensible
  15. Photography -- What is the psychological effect?
    How does context play a role?
    What if these were paintings
  16. On Modernism- The phrase “art for art’s sake” was a rallying call for early Modernism artists.

    What is meant by this phrase? And how is it abreak from the art we’ve seen thus far?
    Provide examples
  17. Whatis happening in the world?
    The Foundations of Modernism
  18. Name some Big thinkers and ideas of the day:
    • Karl Marx – Socialism
    • Charles Darwin – Evolution “ Origin of Species”: man is not unique, undermined religious authority
    • Charles Baudelaire- Literature
    • Nietzsche- philosophy and the individual
  19. Who said this The artist’s first loyalty is to art, not the public”
    Edouard Manet
  20. The Changing Role of the Artist as Individual
    name some issues?
    name some
  21. Name  Some (general) themes in Impressionist Art:
    Outdoor/”enplein air” paintersDirect PaintingImpressions of lightVibrant use of colors Cropped imagesFlatness of picture plane
  22. Deal with nature as cylinders, spheres and cones, all placed in perspective so that each aspect of an object or a plane goes towards a central point…. Now, for usmen, nature consists more of depth than of surface, whence the need to introduce into our vibrations of light, represented by reds and yellows, asufficient amount of shades of blue to make the air felt
  23. The New Role of the Artist:A backlash against Modernism?
    Explain this
  24. Discussion Question:Based upon readings and in-class lectures, what is the “Modern Condition” and do we start to see a backlash against it?
    give your answer
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