first aid final

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  1. first aid is intended to....
    provide temporary help
  2. if victim is unresponsive consent is called
    implied consent
  3. if victim is unresponsive
    call 911
  4. R.A.P.C.A.B stands for
    • Responsive
    • activate EMS
    • position 
    • compression
    • airway
    • breaths
  5. unresponsive victim breathing
    put in recovering position
  6. DOTS stands for
    • deformity
    • open wound
    • tenderness swelling
  7. SAMPLE stands for
    • signs
    • allergies
    • meds
    • past history 
    • last oral intake
    • events leading up to it
  8. when alone with unresponsive victim....
    call 911
  9. for effective chest compression
    push hard and fast
  10. ratio of compression to breath for adults, children, and infants
    30 compression and 2 breaths
  11. how many abdominal thrusts do you do when someone is choking
    as many thrusts as needed
  12. what does the AED do?
    stop the heart
  13. where does the first do when doing abdominal thrust
    above the naval
  14. reason for cardiac arrest in an infant is
    respiratory failure
  15. how much is too much blood lost in a infant?
    1 pint
  16. how much is too much blood lost in a adult
    2 pints
  17. if dressing over a wound is soaked with blood what do you do
    put more dressing on top
  18. best way to control bleeding is
    direct pressure
  19. first step of a first degree burn is
    cold water till pain free
  20. what do you do before and after applying a split
    check CMS= circulation, sensation, and movement
  21. when dressing a knee or elbow wound
    bandage how found
  22. what does RICE stand for
    • rest
    • ice
    • compression 
    • evaluation
  23. signs and symptoms of a stroke
    • Trouble with walking. ...
    • Trouble with speaking and understanding. ...
    • Paralysis or numbness of the face, arm or leg
  24. what do you do for a seizing victim
    cushion head
  25. if unsure of all the diabetic levels of a victim what do you do
    give sugar
  26. if an intoxicated person is laying down what do you do?
    put of left side (recovering position)
  27. signs of CO2 posing
    all of the above
  28. worries and reaction to insects
    all of the above
  29. what to do first when you get bit by a snake
    get away from the snake
  30. what is a worry of a life threatening reaction to an insect bite
  31. what do you use to treat an allergic reaction to an insect bite
  32. know what to do about the tick
  33. symptoms of black window bite
    nausea,abdominal pain, headache, chills, and vomiting
  34. cold injury
    all the above
  35. what do you do with first aid frost nip
    warm by warm body
  36. hypothermia
    false= occurs at anytime
  37. what do you do for treating a hypothermia victim
    gentle care
  38. what is the first step to heat exhaustion/stroke?
    move victim to cool place
  39. first thing for a first aid responder to do is...
    check if the scene is safe
  40. after giving first aid the first thing you should do is
    wash hands
  41. true or false=is it true that if you have been trained in first aid you MUST help
  42. what does A.B.C stand for
    • Airway 
    • Breathing
    • Circulated
  43. who is the most important person at the scene
    the first aid responder
  44. what law protects the first aid responder
    the good samaritan law
  45. what does COI stand for
    • cause 
    • of 
    • injury
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