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    Mausolium at Halikarnasos 350-340 BC
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    Mausoleum Frieze block: Greeks fighting the Amazons, Halikarnassos 350 BC
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    Freestanding male statue from the Mausoleum, Halikarnasos, 350 BC
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    Hermes and Dionysos by Praxiteles, Olympia, 340 BC
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    Aphrodite of Knidos, Praxiteles 350 BC
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    Temple of Aphrodite, Knidos. Later 4th Century
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    Meleager by Skopas 340 BC
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    Apoxyomenos (original was bronze) by Lyippos, 350-325 BC
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    Alexander Mosaic: Battle of Issos b/w Greeks and Persians. Alexander vs Darius by Philoxenos of Eretria 1st Century BC
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    Stoa of Attalos, on the outer colonnade doric, inner colonnade Ionic, Athens, 150 BC
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    Gaul and his Wife 220 BC
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    Dying Gaul 220 BC Hellenistic original
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    Great Alter of Zeus in Pergamon 175-150
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    The great altar Zeus fighting Giants, Pergamon 175-150 BC
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    The Great Altar, Pergamon Athena Fighting the giants 175-150 BC
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    Nike of Samothrace alighting on the victorios ship by Pythokritos of Rhodes 180 BC
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    Aphrodite of Melos, 125-75 BC
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    the Laocoön group: Laocoön and his sons battling the serpants, 2nd century BC
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