teex glucagon

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  1. Glucagon Class
    Hormone (antihypoglycemic agent)
  2. Glucagon Actions
    • 1. Causes breakdown of glycogen to glucose
    • 2. inhibits glycogen synthesis
    • 3. elvevates blood glucose levels
    • 4. increases cardiac contractile force
    • 5. increases heart rate
  3. Glucagon Indications
    hypoglycemia: signs include Altered LOC, diaphoresis, pallor, polyphagia (excessive hunger), combattiveness, unresponsiveness, et al.
  4. Glucagon Contraindications
  5. Glucagon Precautions
    • 1. Only effective if there are sufficient stores of glycogen on the liver
    • 2. Use caution in patients with cardiovascular and renal disease
    • 3. Draw blood glucose sample prior to administration
  6. Glucagon Side Effects
    Few in emergency setting
  7. Glucagon Dosage
    • IV: .25-.5 unit
    • IM: 1 unit
  8. Glucagon Route
    IV / IM
  9. Glucagon How Supplied
    1 unit of powder. Must reconstitute with 1ml of bacteriostatic water
  10. Glucagon Pediatric Dosage
    .03 mg/ kg
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