Criminal Law (Cases)

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  1. Goldman Sachs employee who uploaded source code when he left his job. Main question: does source code constitute goods for NSPA?
    U.S. v. Aleynikov
  2. Law firm employee steals Trial Plan and emails it to the opposing counsel with offer to sell. Main question: does an intangible item (email) constitute goods for NSPA?
    U.S. v. Farraj
  3. Employee for transport company that delivers money between banks and various destinations takes money. Main question: trespassory taking when in lawful possession.
    U.S. v. Mafnas
  4. Casino employee steals money from slot machines when he was only allowed access to coin hopper. Main question: Entrustment?
    State v. Batin
  5. Law firm computer administrator uses firm credit cards to attempt to transfer money to own account under guise of buying software licenses. Main question: larceny by trick, false pretenses?
    People v. Traster
  6. Man meets up with friend in a stolen car. He has hands on car when stopped  by police. Main question: receiving stolen goods "receiving" element
    State v. McCoy
  7. Student waves laser light at officer's eye, leading to stinging and burning. Main question: offensive touching battery with intangible substance
    Adams v. Commonwealth
  8. Man kicks ginger in chest leaving a red mark. Main question: does a red mark count as a bodily injury for bodily injury battery?
    State v. Gordon
  9. Man drinks and asks homeowner to drink. When she refuses, he comes after her with an ax. She flees through a door. Main question: is  it still assault when act is prevented?
    People v. Yslas
  10. Off duty police officer gets in gun fight at gas station. Find out other weapon is full of blanks. Main question: Assault, actual ability or apparent ability?
    Commonwealth v. Henson
  11. Passenger points finger at officer and says POW. Main question: Assault when no actual ability to act on violence?
    Carter v. Commonwealth
  12. Man stalks woman. Never threatens physical violence. Main question: are his action enough to cause fear of physical violence (objective) and was V actually afraid?
    State v. Simone
  13. Woman asleep on couch. Friend's boyfriend rapes her while she is frozen in fear. Main question: insufficient evidence of element of fear of bodily injury?
    People v. Iniguez
  14. Facts not described. D wants to use defense of consent for rape, but was barred from doing so at trial. Main question: is this allowed since consent isn't an explicit element?
    State v. Koperski
  15. D grabs V on street and leads her to apartment where he rapes her. He claims reasonable mistake as to consent since she didn't fight. Main question: is there support for the reasonable mistake of consent defense?
    People v. Mayberry
  16. Boyfriend's brother has sex with woman, posing as the boyfriend. Main question: is sex through fraud rape?
    Suliveres v. Commonwealth
  17. 14 year old has sex with 12 year old. Main question: can a minor be charged with statutory rape?
    In Re G.T.
  18. D killed partner after she was packing her stuff to leave (in front of kids). She was stabbed 49 times. Main question: are mere words enough to give rise to sudden heat for voluntary manslaughter?
    Suprenant v. State
  19. Man cleaning gun kills wife in next room when gun "goes off." Main question: sufficient evidence of EIVOHL?
    State v. Burley
  20. Man kills terminally ill father in hospital. Main question: evidence for D&P?
    State v. Forest
  21. Construction site knife vs gun fight. Main question: is there a duty to retreat?
    Brown v. U.S.
  22. Invited guest kills 2 people who broke into house. Main question: does "occupant" cover visitors?
    State v. Anderson
  23. War demonstration. Charged with disorderly conduct. Main question: Does "with intent" here mean purposely or knowingly? Bennington, VT
    State v. Jackowski
  24. Illegal immigrant uses social security # that belongs to a living person,  but claims he didn't know that. Main question: does mental state "knowingly" travel to all elements of statute?
    Flores-Figueroa v.U.S.
  25. Carjacker steals keys from victim then goes up hill to car. Main question: is it still "from the presence of" when car is out of sight of victim?
    U.S. v. Lake
  26. 11 year old girl eats a piece of candy without paying. Charged with burglary. Main question: would it be burglary since she "remained" in the store with intent to steal?
    In the Matter of T.J.E.
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