Chapter 1 test

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  1. the farthest bright galaxies that modern telescopes are capable of seeing are up to
    10 billion light years away
  2. suppose we imagine the sun to be about the size of a grapefruit. how big an area would the orbits of the nine planets of the solar system cover?
    the size of a typical campus
  3. earth is made mostly of metal and rocks. where did this material come from
    it was produced by nuclear fusion in stars
  4. what is nuclear fusion?
    the process of combining lightweight nuclei to make heavier nuclei
  5. one light-hour is the distance that light travels in a hour. how far is this, in kilometers?
    1.08 billion km
  6. suppose we look at the photograph of many galaxies. Assuming that all galaxies formed at about the same time, which galaxy in the picture is the youngest?
    the one that is farthest away
  7. which of the following statements does not use the term light year in an appropriate way
    it will take me light years to complete this homework assignment
  8. suppose we imagine the sun to be about the size of a grapefruit
    earth is the size of a point about 15 meter away from the sun
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