FILM ch 11

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  1. People who critique movies fall into what three general classes?
    • Reviewers
    • Critics
    • Theorists
  2. Three general classes of movie critiques...
    Theorists are concerned with...
    the wider context of the medium - its social and political implications
  3. Traditionally, critics and theorist have focused their attention on three areas of inquiry:...
    • 1. the work of art
    • 2. the artist
    • 3. the audience
  4. For the most part, film theory has been dominated by...
    Europeans, especially the French and British.
  5. Those who have stressed the work of art have...
    explored the inner dynamics of movies - how they communicate, the language systems they use.
  6. Film theorist can be divided into what two categories?
    • realists
    • formalists
  7. The most important artist-oriented approach is...
    the auteur theory, the believe that a movie is best understood by focusing on its artistic creator, presumably the director.
  8. What were the dominant theories of the 1970s?
    • structuralism
    • semiology
  9. What do the two dominant theories of the 1970s emphasize?
    a synthetic approach, combining such concerns as genre, authorship, style, iconography, social context, and ideology.
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