FILM ch 11 - theories of realism

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  1. Most theories of realism emphasize the...
    documentary aspects of film art.
  2. Most theories of realism have a (1)_____ and (2)_______ bias and are often rooted in the values of (3)_______, (4)_________, and (5)_______ humanism.
    • 1. moral
    • 2. ethical
    • 3. Islamic
    • 4. Christian
    • 5. Marxist
  3. Realist theorist believe that cinema is...
    essentially an extension of photography and shares with it a pronounced affinity for recording the visible world around us.
  4. neorealism
    • italian movement
    • strongly realistic in its techniques
    • emphasized documentary aspects of film art, stressing loose episodic plots, unextraordinary events and characters, natural lighting, actual location settings, nonprofessional actors, a preoccupation with poverty and social problems, and an emphasis on humanistic and democratic ideals
  5. The main ideological characters of the neorealism movement can be summarized in these 5...
    • 1. new democratic spirit
    • 2. compassionate point of view & refusal to make facile moral judgements
    • 3. preoccupied with Italy's Fascist past & aftermath of wartime devastation, poverty, unemployment, prostitution & black market
    • 4. blending of Christian and Marxist humanism
    • 5. emphasis on emotions rather than abstract ideas
  6. The stylistic features of neorealism include six of the following...
    • 1. an avoidance of neatly plotted stories - instead loose, episodic structures that evolve organically from the situations of the characters
    • 2. documentary visual style
    • 3. use of actual locations - usually exteriors over studio sets
    • 4. use of nonprofessional actors
    • 5. avoidance of literally dialogue in favor of conversational speech; such as dialects
    • 6. avoidance of artifice in editing, camerawork and lighting in favor of simple "styleless" style
  7. Theories of film realism helps to explain...
    the raw emotional power of such masterpieces of realism asĀ Bicycle Thief.
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