FILM ch 11 - auteur theory

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  1. Although a number of writers rejected the theory as simplistic, (1)________ dominated film criticism throughout the (2)____s, and is still a prominent approach among critics.
    • 1. auteurism
    • 2. 1960
  2. Auteurism proposed that the greatest movies are...
    dominated by the personal vision of the director.
  3. Auteur critics claimed that what makes a good film is not...
    • the subject matter as such, but it's stylistic treatment.
    • The director dominates the treatment, provided s/he is a strong director, anĀ auteur.
  4. The auteurists argued that the best movies are...
    dialectical, in which the conventions of a genre are held in aesthetic tension with the personality of the artist
  5. The most gifted American directors of the studio era were...
    producer-directors who worked independently within major studios.
  6. The auteur theory suffers from a number of other weaknesses. There are some...
    excellent films that have been made by directors who are otherwise mediocre.
  7. The auteur theory emphasizes...
    history and a director's total output, which tends to favor older directors at the expense of newcomers.
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