TVF 330 Final Exam

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  1. Bill Nichols’ six modes of documentary film
    Expository, Poetic, Observational, Interactive, Reflexive, Performative
  2. The era of Cinema Verite / Direct Cinema
  3. Country of origin of Cinema Verite
  4. Country of origin of Direct Cinema
    Canada & U.S.
  5. Major influences to CV/Direct
    Kino Pravda & the French documentary movement
  6. Characteristics of CV/Direct
    Observational, fly on the wall and assume minimal camera effect
  7. Pioneer filmmakers of CV/Direct
    Roman Kroiter, Wolf Koenig, Drew Associates, Micheal Brault & Giles Groulx
  8. Pioneering films of CV/Direct
    The Snowshores (1958), Primary (1960) & Lonely Boy (1962)
  9. In documentary context, what is "black film"?
    1960's Eastern European films about dissent
  10. When and where does guerrilla film start?
    Late 1960's in Canada & U.S.
  11. What new sources of distribution during the late 1960s & early 1970s became available for guerrilla films?
    PBS, public access, cable satellite
  12. The philosophy of postmodernism
    no absolute truth and history is used as a narrative
  13. Style of Postmodernism
    different for different cultural forms
  14. Political stance of postmodernism
    optimistic, pessimistic & ambivalent
  15. The start of postmodernism
    Post WW2
  16. Sacha Baron Cohen is known for making...
    Mockufiction and Dockucomedy
  17. Sacha Baron Cohen's films mix fact & fiction to create...
    A postmodern hybrid
  18. Founders of Dogme 95
    Lars Von Trier & Thomas Vinterberg
  19. Dogme 95 was created when and where...
    1995 in Paris
  20. Dogme 95's influences
    Kino Pravda, Neorealism, DC/CV, John Casavetes & New Wave
  21. Characteristics of Dogme 95
    Real locations, diegetic sound, hand-held camera, no special lighting, no outside props, no directorial credit and no lens filters
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