External Equine Parasites

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  1. Name the bloodsuckers?
    • Deer flies
    • Horse flies
    • Stable flies
    • Sand flies or Biting midges
    • Black flies
    • Horn flies
  2. Name a permanent Parasite
    Horse Lice
  3. Name the Non-biting flies
    • House flies
    • Eye gnats
    • Blow flies
  4. What are the two types of horse lice
    • Biting
    • Sucking
  5. What are the Symptoms of Lice?
    —Anemia, loss of condition, stunting of growth, loss of hair, rubbing, sores/scabs
  6. What does Permanent Parasite mean?
    Its entire lifecycle is on horse.
  7. Biting Lice are feed on___
    Skin and hair
  8. Sucking louse are found___
    Anywhere on body
  9. What do Mange Mites do?
    Burrow beneath skin
  10. Symptoms to Mange Mites
    Similar to lice

    Rubbing and scratching, inflamed areas with no hair, large dry cracked scabs, skin sloughs off
  11. What are the Two main types of ticks?
    Hard and soft
  12. What are the Symptoms of Ticks
    Inflammation, itching, swelling, blood loss, paralysis

    Transmission of secondary disease/infection
  13. Why are Mosquitoes a concern for horses?
    Pain, Unthrifthiness

    Heavy blood loss

  14. What is Ring Worm?
    a Fungus
  15. How is Ring worm transmitted?
    • Among Horses
    • Tack and Equipment
    • People
  16. What treatments are there?
    • Self cure
    • Antifungal shampoos
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