Equine De-worming Practices

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Equine De-worming Practices
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Equine De worming

Equine De-worming Practices
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  1. How do horses usually get parasites?
    Infect each other through their manure
  2. What are the ways of giving De-wormer?
    • Powder - used many years ago
    • Injectable - Not used anymore due to bad reactions
    • Intranasal tubing - Very effective, expensive, 
    • Liquid - easily spit out
    • Paste - sticks in mouth, very effective
  3. What is Traditional ways of deworming?
    • Every 8 weeks
    • Rotate families of de-wormers
  4. What are the New research ways of de-worming?
    Have your horse tested with FEC (Fecal Egg Count) and FECRTs (Fecal Egg Count Reduction Testing)
  5. When do we begin de-worming with foals?
    • 5 - 6 days with Panacur or Strongid to get thread worms
    • every 30 days for first year
  6. What should you deworm the mare with the day of foaling?
  7. How do dowormers affetct the parasites?
    • Interfere with energy metabolism
    • Spasms of Paralysis
    • Disruption of nervous control
  8. What do Broad Spectrum Dewormers Kill?
    • Large Strongyles
    • Small Strongyles
    • Ascarids
    • Pinworms
    • Lungworms
    • Threadworms
  9. What does Broad Spectrum Dewormers not kill?
    Bots and Tapeworms
  10. What does Narrow Spectum dewormer kill?
    Dpecific Parasites
  11. Name some Narrow Spectum Brands?
    • Equimax
    • Quest plus
    • Zimecterin Gold
  12. What combination or dewormers kills tape worms?
    Ivermectin and Praziauanel
  13. When do we deworm for bots?
    After first freeze
  14. What is a Daily De-wormer?
  15. What stage of larve does Strongid-C affect?
    Larval stage,  does not kill adults
  16. What parasites are not affected by Strongid-C?
    Does not kill bots
  17. Name some brands of Ivermectin
    • Zimecterin 
    • Ivercare
    • Equell
  18. name some brands of Moxidectin
    • Quest
    • Quest plus
    • ComboCare
  19. What dose Invermectin and Moxidectin kill?
    • Broad spectum
    • bots
    • threadworms
    • lungworms
  20. Benzimidazoles is a ____ spectrum
    Broad Spectum
  21. Name some