FILM ch 11 - structuralism & semiology

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  1. Structuralism and semiology were attempts to...
    introduce a new scientific rigor to film criticism, to allow for more systematic and detailed analyses of movies.
  2. Structuralism and semiology borrowed their methodology from such diverse disciplines as...
    • linguistics
    • anthropology
    • psychology
    • philosophy
  3. Semiology/ semiotics is the study of...
    • how movies signify
    • the manner in which information is signified is linked with what's being signified
  4. The language of cinema, like all types of discourse, verbal and nonverbal, is primarily...
    symbolic: It consists of a complex network of signs we instinctively decipher while experiencing a movie.
  5. The basic unit of construction in a film is...
    the shot.
  6. Why did the semiotic theorists reject the shot as the basic unit of construction in a film?
    Because it was considered too vague and inclusive.
  7. Semiotic techniques can be valuable in...
    aiding film critics and scholars to analyze movies with more precision.
  8. A serious problem with the theory of semiology is its...
    awful jargon
  9. Structuralism is...
    strongly eclectic and often combines the techniques of semiotics with other theoretical perspectives, such as auteurism, genre studies, ideology, stylistic analyses, etc.
  10. Structuralist and semiologists have been fascinated by the concept of...
    deep structure
  11. deep structure
    an underlying network of symbolic meaning that is related to a movie's surface structure but is also somewhat independant on it
  12. Method of Levi-Strauss
    regional myths that he believed expressed certain underlying structures of thought in codified form
  13. Method of Levi-Strauss
    These myths exist in variant forms and usually contain the same or similar...
    binary structures - pairs of opposites.
  14. Method of Levi-Strauss
    The polarities are usually found in...
    dialectical conflict, depending on culture.
  15. Method of Levi-Strauss - dialectical conflict opposites

    water vs. (1)______
    male vs. (2)______
    cooked vs (3)___
    youth vs (4)___
    • 1. drought
    • 2. female
    • 3. raw
    • 4. age
  16. "master antimony"
    controlling or dominant code
  17. Semiotics and structuralists pluralistic approach allow for more (1)__________, (2)__________, and depth in the (3)________ __________.
    • 1. flexibility
    • 2. complexity
    • 3. critical enterprise
  18. However, semiotics and structuralism theories are merely (1)_____ of (2)________. By themselves they can tell us (3)_______ of the (4)_____ of signs and codes within a film.
    • 1. tools
    • 2. analysis
    • 3. nothing
    • 4. value
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